UI SRC Declares 10 Seats Vacant

Olanshile Ogunrinu

The University of Ibadan Students’ Union Students’ Representative Council has on Wednesday, in accordance with the provision of article XVI item (i), declared the seats of 10 members vacant for missing 3 consecutive sittings.

This decision was reached after it was debated by members present at the sitting held at the SRC chamber of the Students’ Union Building.

The debate started after the speaker of the house, Eniola Olatoye read out the provision of the constitution, article XVI item (I) that, “a Councillor shall be deemed to have forfeited his/her seat in council should s/he absent himself/herself from three consecutive meetings of the council without a written explanation to the speaker. This shall be announced to the council by the speaker who shall inform the electoral commission for a bye-election.”

Members of the house moved different motions of which three were voted on; (I) Because one of the 11 honourables whose seats were about to be declared vacant has written an official explanation to the Speaker, only 10 names should be declared vacant while the disciplinary committee should look into remaining honourable, (ii) All 11 seats should be declared vacant and (iii) The 11 honourables should be given 24 hours to write their explanation.

However, the SRC decided on motion (I) which was supported by 27 members.

The affected members whose seats have been declared vacant are :

  1. Odoemenam C. – AAH
  2. Eze J. C. – AAH
  3. Abiola T. – Kuti Hall
  4. Omotunde P. – Kuti Hall
  5. Rasaq W. A. – Tedder Hall
  6. Oyewole A. J. – Azikiwe Hall
  7. Amire A. T. – Queen Idia Hall
  8. Memud J. – Queen Idia Hall
  9. Tewobola S. – Queen Idia Hall
  10. Sarafadeen A. – Independence Hall

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