EXPLAINER: One Week Exam Postponement Does Not Affect All Faculties

The one-week extension of the commencement of second-semester examinations for undergraduates in the University of Ibadan does not affect all Faculties, UCJ UI has confirmed. 

Recall that earlier this week, UCJUI reported that the institution’s management had postponed the commencement of examinations earlier scheduled to start on May 22 to May 29.

The decision regarding the postponement was reached following a request made by the Council of Faculty Presidents and the Students’ Representative Council.

The immediate interpretation made by students is that the postponement means the school’s academic calendar has been extended by a week, and exams in Faculties like Social Science, Arts and Science scheduled to start on June 5 will also be postponed by a week. 

However, contrary to this, a series of interviews with the Dean of Students’ Affairs, Prof Abiona, and the Students’ Union President, Adewole Yinka Mascot, have indicated that this was not the case. 

“What management did is that they postponed exams in only faculties scheduled to start on Monday, May 22. But for other faculties where exams were scheduled to start by June 5, it remains unchanged,” Mascot explained. 

With this development, the timeline of the school’s calendar remains intact as all Faculties are expected to hold examinations together during the second week of Faculty examinations. 

“As for students offering courses in multiple faculties, we will work with the management and Class Reps to ensure proper adjustments are made,” the President added. 

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