How We Selected FOPA Nominees — JCIN UI Holds Press Conference

The Junior Chamber International, University of Ibadan has revealed that merit is the primary consideration for the selection of nominees for this year’s edition.

The organization revealed this at a press conference held at the organization’s secretariat on Saturday ahead of the announcement of nominees for this year’s Fifteen Outstanding Persons Award scheduled for today, Sunday.

Speaking at the event, the Director 1 for FOPA, Jesudara Akano, noted that to arrive at the list of nominees, the organization considered the evidence of each individual’s track record.

“There should be a written document that backs up your work; it’s not just about word of mouth,” she noted.

She added that voting only represents a fraction of the criteria as the panel places more emphasis on the evidence of the impact that individuals have made in various categories.

Providing more explanation on the selection process, the organization’s President, Waheed Ojo noted that merit takes precedence above other considerations.

“The human life is shaped by stories. A lot of people in UI are doing a lot of great things. A part of doing great things is telling your story and telling it well.

“FOPA encourages people to tell a good story about themselves. The larger part of judging FOPA is the panel. The voting only carries less than 20 percent and that’s just to be sure people know that you’re doing great,” he noted.

The organization further noted that this year’s FOPA ceremony will be held on February 24 at the International Conference Center, University of Ibadan.

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