UCJ UI’s Professor Francis Egbokhare’s Inter-Press Debate Competition Preliminary Rounds To Begin Tomorrow

Raymond Agboola

The Union of Campus Journalists, University of Ibadan’s Professor Francis Egbokhare’s Inter-Press Debate Competition preliminary rounds will begin tomorrow, Saturday, 10th February, 2024. The debate competition which is returning after a few years of hiatus will have its preliminary rounds at The Faculty of Education lecture, Room F202.

The debate is designed to follow the Australasian debating style, which is novel to the university, but popular in Australian and Asian institutions. The motions for tomorrow’s debates cut across technology, diplomacy, religion, politics, among others.

Local Press Organisations will have their teams of three debaters square off against opponents for approximately one hour in a round, each side aiming to win from either the affirmative or negative benches.

In Round 1 of the faculty category, FATSSA Press will be up against AFAS Press while Clinical Sciences will test their skills on debaters from Law Press.

For the hall category in Round 1, ABH Press will be going against Idia Hall Press while the LPOs of Indy and Zik halls will attempt to truncate each other’s ambitions of making it to the finals.

Round 2, scheduled to commence at noon, will feature a contest between AFAS Press and Law Press and Clinical sciences Press and FATSSA press. Zik Hall Press will also be going against ABH Press while neighbours, Indy Hall Press, challenge the Idiates this time.

At the end of all preliminary rounds, two teams with the highest aggregates in each category will qualify to the finale.

Recall that last year, Local Press Organisations had been tasked with submitting policy papers from which the best were selected for participation in tomorrow’s rounds.

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