The past week saw recent graduands of the University of Ibadan move from admin offices to cyber cafes in a bid to get fully initiated into the institution’s alumni association. “So, we all have to hire gowns for #3,500 whether or not we attend the ceremony?” A seemingly frustrated graduand muttered rhetorically as she tried to make payment for her convocation gown. In preparation for the forthcoming glorious ceremony, many have booked photo sessions, rented canopy spaces and invited family and friends to come witness them officially doff their hats out of the premier university. 

They came. They saw. That they conquered is an affirmation left to them to make. There were so many hurdles they had to cross to get to this point. And here they are, ticking off the ‘get a degree’ goal from their bucket lists. They now serve as an inspiration to those coming behind them. It is however understandable that they might just be overwhelmed by the level of responsibility this milestone comes with. Nonetheless, they remain stars of the first and best university in Nigeria. 

Dear graduands, cheers to your next level of adventures and new beginnings! We are aware that this is the season when expectations toward you grow higher. Do not be pressured, move at your own pace. Some of your peers have joined the ‘japa’ movement. Now, that’s okay but it’s not the ultimate. If you can’t afford to join that movement now, you should know that the grass is green where you water it. Focus on whatever it is you’ve set your mind on now, and with time, you will see the puzzle fix itself.

To the ‘flying colours’ category; those who excelled in their CGPA pursuit, we are so proud of you. We are honoured to see that your journey in this institution was worthwhile. We hope to see you do exploits in the academia (or whatever sphere you choose to thrive in). We acknowledge that you must have realised through your stay in this university that the fountain of knowledge is one that every man should thirst for.

To those who are already focused on their side hustles, we hope to see you make the best out of it. May your businesses boom till the very end. Your graduation from this institution is a success well-deserved. You worked for it, and here you are, smiling out of it. You came, you saw, we hope you conquer every obstacle the outside world may throw at you.

Dear undergraduates, this is to let you know that your TDBs are not a waste of time. A day will come when you will also be congratulated in this manner. We only have ASUU and FG to decide when that day will be. But it will surely come. So, sit tight. Put in as much efforts as you can. Whatever is worth doing at all, they say is worth doing well. Attend classes regularly and ace those grades.

A first and best product is the one who came, who saw, and conquered. Congratulations once again to the graduands! The sky is just the beginning.

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