Social Activities In University Of Ibadan; An Outstanding Success This Session

By Pelumi King                 

To most of the outside world (Non-Uites), the University of Ibadan is a “bookish” school, a school that focuses more on academic exploits than engaging in social activities. It can be said that most of the outside world, had this perception of the University of Ibadan because the social or entertainment activities done in the university were not really successful or a little dour. Social activities organised by UItes before this session were not explosive and had their issues. It was clear to the organisers of the events or activities that improvements had to be made to improve the social ranking of the University of Ibadan and also elicit more participation from the students.

This session was peculiar, it had its peculiarities and uniqueness. In the beginning, it was very hard to navigate things most especially for the student executives. This session as known to all was the first virtual session in the University of Ibadan, many students including the executives among them were trying to navigate and at least have a strong footing in the “Virtual learning session.” The peculiarities of this session forced most faculties. Halls, departments to shift most of their activities to the second semester, the major exception to this was the Faculty of Arts who organised the first physical social event this session. It was done just a few after the University resumed physical lecturers,

One would have thought that the peculiarities of this session will lead to a drop in the quality of the events, if anyone had thought that, he or she will be forgiven. In a system where people or leaders take advantage of a situation to give excuses for not performing, some would have thought that the student leadership at all levels would do the same. However, the situation has been quite different. Social events and activities in this session have been an outstanding success.

Starting from the first social event on Campus; AFAS’ Freshers Variety night, it was very exciting and fun-filled. It surpassed expectations and was very well organised despite the hindrances brought by the Covid 19 restrictions stipulated by the school authorities, it also had quite many people in attendance. AFAS’Freshers Variety was the first event this session that UI Artistes got to perform. We were able to see the immense talent embedded in the Artistes at the University of Ibadan. All in All, the events were entertaining.

Moving now to the hall category, the gyration organised by all halls was fantastic, it was better and bigger than last session’s own in all sense. The Hall Executives did their best to make sure the gyration was worth organising. Indy’s Hall gyration perhaps the biggest and best gyration this semester set the tone for other hall gyrations. Indy’s hall was so beautifully organised, it was also laced with other side events which made the event all the more interesting.

Zik Hall Gyration was also a bang, like the Great Independence Hall, Zik Hall is also known to be social and a fun place. They are also known for their brotherhood amidst other things. Zik Hall lived up to the billing in their gyration. People present at the event had back to fun, there were no dull moments in their gyration. Kuti Hall, Bello Hall, Mellanby Hall, Tedder Hall also did well in the organisation of their gyration. Some Faculties have also done their gyration, it was very entertaining and standard.

The “Weeks” are already underway, the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Social Sciences have completed their week, anyone present there could testify to the improvement in the standards. The Faculty of Education and Social sciences has also set the pace and the tone for the rest of the faculty week, It is up to the faculties to do better than them. The social event in the student union week was also successful, you can tell it from the beautiful pictures from FJ shot it, the variety night most especially showed the efforts the SU executives put into the program. It was very enjoyable and made quite a comeback after a 5-year hiatus.

It is almost certain that in the next few weeks, the Hall weeks will kick-off. The Hall weeks will spark or reignite a run of social events on campus. It is also almost certain that the Hall Weeks will be better than the last and will also be an outstanding success as their gyration.

The Student Union Executives. Hall Executives, Faculty Executives, even departmental executives to a large extent all did well to improve the standard of social events and make it hugely successful. They made quite an impact despite the restrictions and hindrances of this virtual semester. The social events that have been done so far these sessions show that University of Ibadan students are also very capable of organising and handling social events thereby destroying the misconception that UI is only a bookish school. I am sure that the events organised after the publicatio0n of this article will be even more successful and outstanding than the already conducted events.

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