PART 1 I’m about to begin, this is an introduction This is more than a prose, not fiction, way beyond imagination If you believe you’ve seen this, well, there’s been a modification So, you’ll do well to read with keen interest, do not miss any punctuation. To begin something again after it has stopped, that’s the definition But this does not apply to all, only to the stale students, that’s like filtration Since for the freshmen, it’s the very beginning, just like a foundation They soon would officially become a student of the university, that’s matriculation It’s the premier university here in Ibadan, that’s the location A school where the disciplinary committee exists, hence, no violation Both fresh & stale students have to go through a process called registration Which lasts for a little while, that’s the duration For a freshman this involves lots of movements, like oscillation From A to B & C in the presence of sun(heat), like an exothermic reaction He has to endure this to finish the task within the stipulated time, that’s the condition Or else, lectures would be the alternative forgone, that’s the implication However, it’s different in the case of a stalite, that’s an exception He knows where to go to get things done, he knows his destination & for almost every problem that surfaces, he knows the solution Because he’s gone through it a couple of times, that’s like repetition PART 2 This is the Second part, yes! The continuation It’s basically to talk more on what has been said, I mean, further explanation You know who it is already, you don’t need that information But just in case you’ve forgotten, go back to page 1, use your pagination The session is always very long, longer than the period of gestation Lots of activities unfold, even untold occasions You just need to stay focused, I mean, keep your determination & at the end with God you’ll scale through, you’ll get your promotion Because, during the cause of the semester some misbehave & face suspension Some wait till the end of the year & are carried by the erosion Did I hear you say tsunami? Yes! That’s like eviction No matter how / why, these things still happen, that’s the state of its addiction As each semester run to a close, there is a preparation For what is said not to be the true test of knowledge, that’s examination After these, everyone would go home, that’s vacation This is the little of what I know about resumption At this point you’re familiar with the words, you know the intonation RECTE SAPERE FONS, I’m out of English diction Oh! I just remembered the school anthem sounds cool like R n B, that’s a contradiction Well, I could call it whatever I wish, it’s my jurisdiction This should have been longer but has been made short, that’s constriction So many things that can’t be talked about, that’s restriction Thanks for reading thus far, my sincere appreciation To freshers welcome to U.I & to stalites welcome back to U.I, that’s reiteration Hence you all are welcome to the 2016/2017 academic session, that’s my conclusion I am ABDUL-AZEEZ OLATAYO ILYAS, just for recognition.

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