poem 1
As a child, I was told;
Do not allow your dreams go cold.
And I was foretold;
That my innocence would not hold,

As a teen, its unfolds,
As puberty came to fold,
And the libido grew so bold,
That it struck gold,
So then a pregnancy began to load,
My baby was on the road.

As a dad, I was fused,
With responsibilities that could not be defused
Having a child I never refused,
With a girl I only once used,
At an age, when I was confused,
And consumed,
With what we all assumed,
As desires, with which all men are infused.

As an adult, I gathered;
Adulthood was not as I garnered,
Marriage had just bordered,
And life had me bothered.
For my child needed to be mothered
And more children had to be fathered.

As an old man… well I was old
With hair of silver and of gold
And to my little ones I foretold;
“Your innocence would not hold”
poem 2

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