The fares of transport on campus will be back to normal charges as from Monday, 8th June, 2015, according to the Students’ Union P. R. O, Adegoke Taiye Vincent aka T-Cent. The P. R. O made this known in a publication from his Office over the weekend, informing that all has returned to normalcy on campus.

You will recall that transport fares more than doubled during the weeks of fuel scarcity, forcing many off-campus students to stay away from classes and making commuting around campus indescribable.

In a related development, the rumour of a possible extension to the two-week break has been dispelled by the student leader, who, in the same publication over the weekend informed that full academic work had returned.

His words: ‘The school officially resumes on Monday 8th June, 2015. No change of resumption date yet. Students are to take note of this.’

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