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Views: 72 by Ogwiji Ehi-Kowochio You see this my grey hair? and the large white patch which occasionally hides in that cap of mine? It is the fraction of a teacher’s earthly hell as migrant white chalk particles like a racist who can’t bear an extra day in the midst of blacks, emigrates from the blackness of a blackboard to ...

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UI Students Unveil Poetry Anthology Today

Views: 138 A group of students of the University of Ibadan will be launching a poetry anthology later today. The group known as Uites Create Team have created a platform known as Uites Create for the expression, dissemination and appreciation of ideas in the area of Arts, Business/Entreprenuership and Technology. “Uites Write”, the team has tagged its first project which ...

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Views: 69 Sleep straddles two divides sheer saddle between the terrestrials And the celestials… a bridge, transitory, that mixes the two exclusive worlds. Sleep Sometimes phantasmagoria pierces the shut eyes… teasing and shocking the mind with medley of intense desires Or terrifying quest. Sleep previews what silent chasm One falls into… soon, but forever Sleep a brief death; A rest ...

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SDC LETTER: The confession of a uite

Views: 58 They tried to silence me by feeding me with shafts from decayed bags of corn I have been washed in dirty soapy water I have been made to sleep in the hostels of open skies Leaving my life at the mercy of whatever disease or animal that got me first I have been reduced to mere matter that ...

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