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The Birth of the Next Miracle

Views: 107 EDITORIAL   Many are the mottos and philosophies of men, which drive them presently, but much more are the processes they passed through before reaching that stage. These processes are the notable and visible signs which could be referred to as growth or perhaps development. A man cannot think of soaring high like an eagle without first passing ...

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The End

Views: 100     Mother counselled Father scolded Friends warned You have invented an artificial deafness Truancy and obstinacy precede your names of perdition, given to wreaking havoc You wave off the counsel of your father  make your mother weep Nemesis is your trail to teach you the hard realities of life. You haven’t not heard? the reprobate and recalcitrant ...

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Views: 106 To love one’s self is one of the most important things a person can do. Living in a world of many activities, events, side attraction and so on, we look at some people and utter the statement “I want to be like that that person” probably because they look good or have some special potentials. By doing that, ...

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Views: 96 Now that we have inaugurated a new government, more importantly from another political party since 1999 of the PDP led administration. Nigerians took their time and efforts to vote in Muhammadu Buhari, all because they want a positive change from the unsatisfactory conditions the country are in currently. The ruling party should not forget that one of the ...

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Views: 81 There is a saying that yesterday is history; tomorrow is a misery and today is a gift. This is why it is needful that everyone be congratulated for the gift which is, was, and is to come. This daily gift reflects that the creator of all things is faithful and just, sending down rain for both the wicked ...

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