Say A Hello The 33rd UCJUI Administration

By Jubril Olalekan

One of my resolves about life and humanity as a whole is encoded in the idea that ‘man is a being of responsibilities’ – it is what we have been fated for, an endless course we have been condemned to pursue by the divine – God, or some unseen powers out there that are causally responsible for the destinies of man. At every point in a man’s life there seem to be no time whatsoever whereby a man is absolutely free of any responsibility, you are either responsible for your academics, your mental health, to your family, or any administrative capacity wherein you function. There is nothing like not being responsible. For your choice or decision not to be responsible is even a responsibility.

With power comes responsibility, and power to a large extent is an intoxicant that demands a high sense of discipline and scrupulosity to handle, lest it stings the handler and as well as the subject.

According to Russel Kirk, he posited that “human beings are the least controllable, verifiable, law obeying and predictable of subjects”. In other words, based on the fact that humans have will and thus the ability to choose or not choose, they, by implication, become indeterminate. As such, the greatest responsibility any man can ever be saddled with is the responsibility of leading his fellow men.

In no time, the Fasilat-led administration, the 33rd UCJUI administration, will be taking a final bow from the administrative office. Men of pristine character, dutiful and ebullient will be handing over the baton of leadership to their successors, the 34th UCJUI administration. However, the big question is, do these people have what it takes to maintain or supersede the legacy that the outgoing administration has set? Heavy they say is the head that wears the crown, but with the heavy head the 33rdadministration led a successful tenure and has left an indelible imprint of excellence on the Union, thus making the crown even heavier for those who would succeed them. The standards have been set and like never before, the stakes are even higher.

The 33rd administration is arguably the longest serving administration in the history of the Union having spent almost two years in office which was majorly due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. By now, anyone would have expected that the team should have grown weary and worn out thus becoming relatively slack and ineffective. But surprisingly, the commitment and dedication of the administration towards the noble course of the Union has remained as sturdy as when they initially took up the mantle of leadership. The resilience and formidability of this team is something worthy to be reckoned with. The 33rd administration has built such an army of campus journalist! I really do not know how it happened, but then the selfless contributions and sacrifices from the part of majority of the campus pressmen starting from halls of residences, faculties, and departments – the individual and collective excellence – is a testimony to the success of this administration.

And on a final note to this administration I say; I doff my hat in utmost veneration of the sacrifices you have made in upholding the great touch of this Union! Though they are leaving the office but then the memories of their services remain. Say a hello to the valorous men of wit – say a hello to the 33rd UCJUI administration.

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