Now That The Days Are Over

The poser above looks a bit symbolic. “The days are over.” What days are over? Is it that the days of security are over as what we now see are imprints of insecurity within our milieu or that the crises that characterised the appointment of a new vice chancellor have just been resolved or that the lecture days have ended as we move into exams? What days exactly are over?


There is no denying the fact that we are no longer secure in this country, and Ibadan especially has been a hotbed of security in recent months. Before now, it was terror attacks in Agbowo and its environs. Despite clamours from the affected, there were no concrete efforts to solve that challenge. Students were mostly affected, UI students. the management did not wade in to protect its very own. The issue with this growing disaster we call insecurity is that nobody, not even the top government officials and the VIP are left out. How much more can we say of the others?

It affects the mental health, disrupts reasoning faculties when there are reports of persons who have become victims of insecurity. This was exactly the case when there was a report that a final year student was murdered in what looked like an armed robbery but more of a calculated assassination. This unfortunate incident happened at Preboye, around Agbowo. It was a tragic report but further exposes all that has been said on insecurity. What followed this were tragic revelations and lamentations from persons have been victims of similar unfortunate incidents and how pleas for proper security within the arena have fallen on the government’s deaf ears. Although, there were reports that the police are on the matter, investigating to arrest the culprits, but there is this mistrust that comes the police. But it is our fervid hope that all the suspects will be apprehended and made to suffer what they have committed.

As much as we pray not be victims of evil circumstance, we should also for now be security conscious. There is nobody to protect us. This is the time more than ever for stakeholders to call for actions to finally solve this insecurity that is associated with Agbowo. It is not pleasant to the ears that the closest police station to Agbowo is at Sango. With the rates of insecurity, the government should move security institutions closer to Agbowo. Students have often complained that they cannot pass through the streets of Agbowo some minutes past 7pm because of the associative violence that comes it. Once again, we call for the government to put a final stop to these challenging situations. If there is one thing that completely lies in the hands of the government, it is the issue of security, and provide it they must. We refuse to be victims of these evil machinations. We cannot continue to sleep with one eye opened.  We cannot continue to saunter across streets with heart palpitations. We cannot continue to live in a perpetual fear of who is next. We hope there is a permanent change after this. We want testimonies of government’s intervention and not negligence.

New VC

A huff of relief will be the first thing the university stakeholders will do when there was an official announcement that a new vice chancellor has been appointed. Asides from the embarrassing power plays that have hindered the appointment process of the next VC in 2020, UI also suffered tongue lashes from the public who were puzzled about the myriads of controversies that tailed the appointment. The new VC is Professor Kayode Adebowale, a professor of Chemistry. He will officially assume the position on December 1st. Before his emergence, there were allegations that there were deliberate attempts to force the new VC down the throat of members of the University community. The fact that a fresh appointment process confirmed Adebowale’s appointment has possibly cancelled out such allegations. It is our hope that Professor Adebowale will further drive the university to progress. For us, we are concerned on his relatability with students and of press freedom in the university. It is our hope that the freedom of the press will be totally guaranteed in the university. We hope that the students will be among the top plans of Professor Adebowale. We trust Professor Adebowale to turn the tide and we wish him all the best.

Exams week

The lectures days are over. Exams come next. Before this moment, the students should have prepared themselves fully to ensure successful results. But if you haven’t, there is still a little time to put finishing touches to your preparations. And as you know it, those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail. If you still haven’t understood what the courses are about, you can meet with your friends explain them to you or take your time to read and digest. The truth is that there is no miracle for any students that appear slothful towards their academic pursuit. We urge the students to buckle up. As Africans, we cannot rule out divine intervention. So, as you read, you pray too. It is our hope that when you say the exams have been done and dusted, may the results be confident as you have said of it. This session has been incredibly tough, no doubt. It has not been normal because we are facing the new normal, but it is tough persons that last, not tough times. So: go, champions! Now is not the time for you to relent. We hope you consider what we have said. We hope you add the details where necessary.

Dear reader, we will like to appreciate your dogged support throughout this session. We thank you for banking with us to give you credible reports. You now know that if it from UCJ UI, it must, out of necessity, be of outstanding quality. This is what has characterised our existence since 1987, and it has not changed now and will never change. UCJ UI has earned respect for practising real journalism. It has been tough. It has been rough. But we have successfully sailed through. There’s this thing that comes with abundance quality, you keep churning it out everytime. That’s what we do. That is what makes UCJ UI, UCJ UI. It’s our hope that your support for us will never waver. Thank you for those feedbacks, it helped us improve a lot. Thank you, dear readers, for always.

Till we meet again. Have a fantastic week!

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