Welcome To YouHigh, The Land Of Intellectuals

By: Olajide Oladokun

Undoubtedly, Naijiria is a land of intellects and intellectuals, I don’t need facts to back this up, if you are in doubt then do theresearch yourself. However, all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than the others. And this where YouHighcomes in, the fess and bess among intellectuals, you might want to fact check that too. YouHigh is noted for breeding, year after year, graduates worthy in academics and character, also an unverified fact. This article is an exposition of the intellectual prowess of YouHeights, and a call to action to those intellectuals still sleeping to awaken the intellect in them.

First, as a rule of thumb, intellectuals don’t vote but when they do, they vote based on sentimental values. So don’t be surprised when a supposed intellectual tells you, ‘vote for ABC, he is from my hall’, ‘vote for XYZ, he attends my fellowship’. Truth be told, of what essence is track record and experience when your coursemate has promised to presidentially secure the modern union secretariat? 

Another interesting attributes of the ever intellectual YouHeightsis their ability to bant, recognize a good bant, and flip their fingers in the air in appreciation of a good bant. After all, what’s a good debate without bant? It doesn’t matter if you forget the logic and arguments to support  your speech, as long as your punchlines are well articulated, YouHeights will scream! 

Lest I forget, there are some intellectuals that deserve special recognition, they are the crème de la crème, first among equals, they work behind the screen, they are the real MVP. Their job is to search the nooks and crannies of Twitter and entertain audience at the biggest public speaking event in YouHigh with the funniest tweets, even though they are degrading and malicious. They were handpicked and groomed specially by TLDS to discern what and what not to project. Kudos to them for exposing to us the private affairs of the speakers as posted on Twitter by fellow YouHeights.

Then there are some intellectuals spread across BalabluKingdom and Hindy Haul. They have successfully mastered the art of Aroism. All thanks to them, YouHigh is now a safe haven; catcalling and derogatory comments have become a tale of distant land. You might want to consult them for a crash course in verbal harassment, they will professionally dissect the thin line between aro and unsolicited sexual comments and innuendoes, with the precision of a neurosurgeon.

Finally, it is interesting to note that intellectuals abound in YouHigh, not just amidst the students. If you are still in doubt then you need to pay a visit to King Opobo Clinic. Your mouth will be left agape at the level of intellectualism going on there. On some days, only a crowd of two will be on ground to attend to the hundreds of patients thronging in. Lucky patients, they’ll enjoy the ambience of the clinic for hours while waiting to be attended to.

With these few points of mine, I think I’ve been able to brainfeed and not brainwash you that YouHigh is truly a land of intellectuals. Welcome once again! 

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