Dear freshman, Happy Matriculation and Welcome to Nigeria’s premier university. The Vice-Chancellor must have boasted at today’s ceremony that “If it is from UI, it is of the best quality”. That is definitely true, and you also gained entry in the first instance, because you possess some academic qualities. But don’t let that get into your head, you have only just started the journey, and the bad news is, it is not a smooth one.

This resumption euphoria is nothing compared to the surprises UI will throw at you. Are you ready for new experiences with sprinkles of stress? Not to worry, this is another opportunity to explore life by learning. Regardless of the different activities you will come to realize are attached to your admission, your attitude towards this new facet will greatly affect what you get to gain from the whole struggle of studying through stress. On that note, congratulations on your admission into the premier university (the first and best in academics and all matters of stress). You are most welcome to the first and best! 

A subtle piece of advice is that you do not underestimate your ability to learn. Perhaps you didn’t get your desired course, have an open mind about the course you got. Your academic performance in UI is a function of studying. Just make sure not to ignore the foundation you are about to build, and set yourself on the right path. Do not get distracted. Make friends but don’t get hung up on trying to please anyone by getting on board with the ‘happening’ clique. Study smart and take UI seriously. UI is seriously ready to press the ‘erosion’ and ‘tsunami’ buttons. You don’t know what those words mean? They will explain themselves when exams knock, but I can assure, you will not experience any of them, if you take your studies seriously, especially your continuous assessment.

Do not hesitate to get as much insight, advice and tips as you can from senior colleagues that are doing well. In UI working aimlessly is the beginning of failure. Have a plan and an effective strategy for reaching your academic goals. If you can, make out time for extracurricular activities like sports, competitions, join associations like the Union of Campus Journalists (UCJ), Junior Chamber International (JCI), The Literary and Debating Society (TLDS), Sigma Club or any association that aligns with your interest. They will give you more exposure and expand your social networks positively. However, avoid being preoccupied with activities.

UI, however tagged a boring institution, is full of beneficial experiences. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for direction when you need it. Be quick to fill your knowledge gaps but in all of your study, thrive to gather new and helpful skills whenever you find the opportunity.

Disclaimer: UI will stress you! Take care of yourself in the best way possible. Get adequate sleep and don’t allow UI’s ever-ready stress to jeopardize your health and make you Jaja’s regular visitor. Try to eat good food whenever you can. Cheers to a rough but worthy academic journey through UI!

Welcome to the club!

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