UI Releases 50k Sports Grant to Faculties As Inter-Faculty Sports Competition Kicks Off

Raji Olatunji

The Management of the University of Ibadan has disbursed a sum of 50,000 Naira as a sports grant to each of the faculties that will be participating in this session’s inter-faculty sports competition that kicks off today, Saturday, 11th September 2021.

This was confirmed by the Chairman, Council of Faculty Presidents, Mr Francis who is the President of the Association of Faculty of Arts Students (AFAS), on Saturday.

According to Mr Francis, while speaking on the efforts made by the Council to ensure the disbursement of the funds, he said, “As the Chairman Council of Faculty Presidents, University of Ibadan, I held a meeting with the Dean of Students’ Affairs concerning our 50k sports grant from the university on Monday.

“The Council also wrote a letter to the Sports Council through the Administrative Secretary, President of Faculty of Technology, informing the (Sports) Council of all falculties’ unanimous decision not to partake in the inter-faculty games if we don’t get the 50k before today.

“In the meeting, the Dean of Students placed a call through to the Director of Sports and we had a talk. I relayed the decision of the Council to the Director of Sports and he pleaded that we shouldn’t stop our athletes from partaking in the games. He gave reasons for the delay and promised that we will get the money.”

He further said, “With what we were told by our predecessors, last year, it was promised but faculties weren’t given. We had to use our basic due to fund the expenses. The 50k isn’t even enough to cover for all our expenses but it will ease us of the whole burden.”

While acknowledging the receipt of the 50k grant by all faculties, he said, “Yesterday, AFAS received her own 50k same as other faculties.”

He thereby thanked the Dean of Students’ Affairs, Professor Abiona, and the Director of Sports of the University, for their efforts in ensuring that the funds were released as promised.

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