Tems Vs Teni: Who Is Better?

 By Pelumi King

Female artistes have been doing wonderfully well in the entertainment industry. They have continued to grow from strength to strength. They are making waves in the music industry with their sound and sonorous music. I will be comparing two great artistes. Both of them have done fantastically well this year but fans have their favourite or who they think have done better this year, they are two great artistes but you must have definitely chosen who is better. These two women are blessed with wonderful voices and have released so many hit songs. They have made their fans and non-fans to tune to their rhythm. Both have been making huge strides in the entertainment industry releasing explosives albums and Eps but their performances and careers have to be analysed so you will “objectively pick your favourite. 


Teniola Apata aka Teni is a vibe. Teni is a maestro. Teni is a spectacular kind of musician. Teni started to gain prominence when she released her first single Fargin. The song though crude warmed his way into many Nigerians hearts. The manner and way she expressed herself in the song was one of a kind. She later gained more relevance and prominence in the music industry after the release of her spectacular hit song Askamaya. She followed it up with the release of Case and Uyo meyo which was a huge success.  Apart from these songs, Teni has released many other beautiful songs. Teni has also been nominated for various awards and won most of the wards she was nominated for. Teni has achieved and is still achieving so much in her career. Her last major work was her first studio album which she titled Wondaland. Wondaland was a masterfully crafted album. It contained wonderful, beautiful and sweet sounds. She has also released many other hit tracks of late including Dorime. Teni has proven her hard work and talent over and over again. She has been nominated for many awards, many of which she won. She is known internationally for her songs and features. She has performed in the concerts of greats like Wizkid, Davido etc. Her concerts are also bang. Teni still has one of the most unique sounds in the Nigerian music industry. She is sticking to her sound, making improvements if need be and delivering quality and beautiful music. 


Tems has been a wonderful artiste. An artiste that has also made waves in the year 2020. She catapulted into limelight when she released her single “Try me”. The single Try me was a smashing success. What drew many people to her brand of music is her special and melodious kind of voice. Tems voice in conjunction with her sound is very sweet to the ears. Not only is it sweet to the ears, it also connects with your soul. Tems’ songs is very soul connecting especially if one can relate to her songs. Tems is very different to other brand of female artistes because she has succeeded in making her own sound and making it stand out. 

Tems released her first EP “For Broken Ears” and the EP rose to become one of the best Eps released in 2020. The standout track in the EP was Damages, a track that not only showed how good Tems is but also how versatile she is. 

Listening to all the tracks on Tems EP will put you in a different realm and a different dimension. It will get you in your feelings in beautiful kind of way. One can almost shed beautiful tears from the beautiful sounds coming from the tracks on her EP “For Broken Ears”. 

Tems astounding talent has also earned her many accolades and nominations including Headies’ next rated award and Breakthrough act at the MTV Africa Music Awards. She recently released a single Crazy things, a track that preludes her soon to be released EP. She has gotten featured on the album of music giants; Drake and Wizkid. She continues surpassing expectations. Her features with Wizkid and Drake certainly increased her marketability internationally. She was certainly known before she was featured on both their albums but featuring increased her fame. 

The track she featured on with Wizkid; Essence broke many records. It was number 1 for weeks on many big music streaming platforms. Essence became the first purely Nigerian song that is a song not featuring any foreign artiste on US billboard Hot 100. It peaked at No 13. Tems was praised for her contributions in the song. She was in perfect sync with the song. Her voice, tone, sound also complimented the beat. She also had the perfect chemistry with Wizkid. They both flowed well in the track. It can be said that Tems showed the stuff she was made of in Essence. Drake, seeing the talent Tems was also featured her on his album “Certified lover boy” which has sold more than 650,000 copies so far just in its first week. 

She was on the track “Fountain”. She also showed her talent in the track. She also flowed well with Drake and the beat. 

Tems is progressing and improving at a very fast pace. At this point, Tems can only get better. There is no going down for her. Each track she features on or each tracks she releases, you can see significant improvement. There are not many improvements to be made but she constantly beats her own standard. There are different level of Tems in each she sings or she features on. Tems has been fire of late and she will continue to be.  

These two artistes have done well and are still doing well. They have carved a niche for themselves and are building a legacy for themselves. They are cementing their place as maestros in the music industry. Who is better? It’s left for you to judge. 

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