“Come and be wowed!”—UISU Vice President Speaks On Award Night, Other Events For The SU Week

 In this interview by UCJ UI’s Interview Editor, Prisca Aniemeke, Oladiti Temilade Aisha, the Vice President, Students’ Union, University of Ibadan, talks about the SU week which will hold between 21st to 25th of September, 2021.

Can we meet you?

I am Oladiti Temilade Aisha, a 5th year Nursing student and the Vice President, Students’ Union, University of Ibadan.

Tell us about the SU week. 

Thank you. The Students’ Union week tagged D’revamp will commence on the 21st of September and will end on the 25th of September. To start up the week will be the Rally. The Rally is not just the normal rally that is all about welcoming the week but this is coming with an awareness and sensitization on Suicide and Drug Abuse.

The second event is the Trade Fair. This is a new activity in the union week. Basically, this is to encourage student entrepreneurs, help them grow their businesses, give them a larger customer base and also to encourage other students who might be interested in entrepreneurship that the time to start is NOW!

The third event is the commissioning of the UISU Viewing centre and the Gaming centre. Also, in the evening of this day there will be a gyration to celebrate this addition.

The fourth event is the Inter-hall sports competition (The Finals) where both the female and male categories that made it to the finals will be coming up to the pitch to play.

And then the fifth one which is the grand finale is Mr. and Miss UI, here we will be crowning our new Queen and King.

Where will the viewing and gaming centre be located?

The viewing centre at the SUB foyer and the gaming centre in front of the SRC chambers, SUB.

Concerning the rally, how will the awareness and sensitization be done?

Thank you. There will be a guest speaker on that day to give a short speech before we move round all halls of residence including ABH. We will also make use of placards, handbills, banners and our voices as we are moving.

Please explain in detail what UI market entails and what entrepreneurs should expect, particularly Studentpreneurs.

Thank you, Prisca. The UI market is one of the activities of the Union Week and will take place for three days. It will start on the 22nd of September, 2021 and end on the 24th of September. The UI market as I stated earlier is to help student entrepreneurs grow their businesses and to also bring the market to Uites, where they can easily shop for whatever they want for three days. The Trade Fair will take place at the SUB carpark and will be launched before the vendors start selling their wares. There will also be music as well as a hype man to attract everyone to the market. Each entrepreneur will get a spot under the tent, two chairs, a table and a brand tag. The student entrepreneurs should expect massive sales!

Would items be sold at cheaper rates or do the vendors have total control of their prices?

At the cheapest rates and will be a win-win for both parties (vendors and buyers) at the end.

Tell us about The Royal Phoenix.

The Mr. and Miss UI plus the award night tagged The Royal phoenix will come up on the 25th of September at NFLT. This is where a new King and Queen will be birthed. Also, we will have the award night where outstanding UItes will be awarded. Let me not say much, come and be wowed!

What should we expect from the contestants?

All the fun! All the glamour! All the royalty!

To be honest, they are not just coming to serve looks but also to create an adventurous moment! Watch out for these Royalties!!!!

How are preparations for all these going?

Very tasking and demanding but all thanks to God we are progressing well.

What would you say will be the highlight of the week?

Everyday has its own spice so every second of the week is!

If I could make it to just one of these events, which one will you advise me to attend?

I’d rather advise that you make it to all because you deserve a full package of the Union Week.

What do you have to say to students who are hesitant to attend the pageantry/award night?

Don’t miss it for anything! 100% FUN x ENTERTAINMENT is guaranteed. Additionally, there are lots of prizes to be won by attendees, all attendees will get a carton of Munch It, early birds will get noodles, and other numerous gifts I won’t mention to increase your curiosity.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you.

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