A Mind That Knows But Does Not Act Is Not Free!

As we all know: only the enlightened ones are forever free from ignorance, and its associated travails. The ones who are enlightened are bound to take on paths after paths in their bid to be successful and relevant for life. Education, of course, is the overall channel through which humans can be enlightened. As enlightened persons, decisions are always taken with care to avoid major mistakes that can count as major losses. A proverb that aptly captures the didactics of the foregoing is “an impending war does not kill a wise cripple.” This is because a wise cripple would have been on the move immediately he catches wind of a fracas. Dear UItes, we are in the 7th week of the last semester, if this piece of information means anything at all.

So far, the events that have characterised this semester, as it always characterises the second semester, are galore here and there. And as students jump from one entertaining event to another, they should be reminded that there is a looming disaster if all these “worldly things” prevent their concentration in academics. There is still time to read and cover the bulk of academic works, most students would say, considering crash reading. Some students would say the same thing next week, next two weeks, the series of the weeks to come, till examinations arrive in grand style with no preparations. The Fresh students especially must take note that laxity when it comes to academic tasks in the University of Ibadan leads to academic withdrawal, at least. And there are no miracles anywhere if you carry a blank head to the examination hall. In UI, heaven helps those who help themselves. In UI, heaven does not help those who do not help themselves. The ball is in your courts.

Because we are charging you to take academic works seriously does not mean we are attempting to discourage you from attending your fun-filled events. Certainly not. We are just saying you should not sacrifice the most important things for the less important ones. You should have a scale of preference, listing the things you take as priority. This would help not to lose focus of the major outlines you have set for yourselves and will help you with a clearer vision. This doesn’t work for everyone, we know. Some students do their things the way they want and it turns out successful for them. We also do not believe that approaches to success must be rigid, just like the triangular description of success in UI the fresh students must have been bored with.

A professor of English Language would say it takes an extra effort to be extra-ordinary. Likewise, it takes more than the average effort to be more than an average student. The way UI academic structure is designed, dear fresh students, does not give a hoot about your previous academic performances. That you were the best student in Secondary school does not mean anything thing to the lecturers. If you don’t prepare hard, you should know what to expect. UI is an intellectual hub where the bests of the bests compete healthily. That the University of Ibadan students are top leaders is not a flux. These sets of persons have drowned themselves in a series of academic tasks to emerge as world leaders and global champions. They started in their first years. They started early because the best decisions are those that are taken early. So, if you want to be like them, you should take the bull at its horn.

Dear readers would have expected concentration too on students who are not fresh students for balance. But won’t it be insulting to tell a stalites or final year students to start reading and prepare early? These sets of students are used to the system. They don’t need any gospel at all.

Before the fresh students begin to see our Editorial as a boring charge, we are once again not saying you shouldn’t go to parties or bonfires or gyrations or music fiesta. We are apparently not saying you shouldn’t do whatever you think is best for you. And we are not making decisions or telling you what to do. But as you chinwag with your girlfriends at Love Garden at night, as you make up with your Side chicks at Botanical Garden, as you tell your coterie of friends that you would read tomorrow (as tomorrow becomes tomorrow that never ends), as you vibrate to the latest music song by Wizkid, as you shout “Up Arsenal, Arsenal for the Champions League trophy,” be conscious of the time far spent. Be conscious of what needs to be done. Be conscious that there is an academic test lurking ahead, lest you become threatened by the relegation zone like the invisible Gunners.

You know all that we have said, dear readers. Your minds know this. It is enlightened. But if you fail to act… 

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful week ahead.

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