Faculty Of Law Emerges As Winner At Lanre Bello Inter-Faculty Debate

By Foyin Ejilola

The Faculty of Law emerged with the first position at the 11th edition of the Lanre Bello Inter-faculty debate which was held on Friday, September 3, 2021.

The annual public event which is organised by the University of Ibadan Chapter of the Junior Chambers International (JCI) was centred on politics and youth advancement with the theme: Youth in Politics and the topics: The Youth Reclaiming Their Future: A Reality or Folklore and The Voices of Nigerian Youths: Is it of Substance or Just Echo?

There were two rounds in the debate as speakers from eight faculties; Faculties of Agriculture, Social Sciences, Arts, Law, Pharmacy, Renewable Natural Resources, Veterinary Medicine, and Science spoke during the first round, while speakers from six faculties; Faculties of Clinical Sciences, Dentistry, Education, Basic Medical Sciences, Public Health, and Economics spoke during the second round.

The speakers from the Faculty of Law, Chineke Ugochukwu and CCollin-Inya Havilah S.K, spoke on the topic: The Voices of Nigerian Youths: Is it of Substance or Just Echo? and asserted that it is of substance.

The Faculties of Clinical Sciences and Education also emerged with the second and third positions respectively, with the first speaker from the Faculty of Clinical Sciences, Olayemi Bisola, winning as the best speaker at the event.

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