UISU Fixes Maximum Prices For Essential Commodities, Others On Campus

By Ogunseye Odunayo

Due to the price increment of commodities on campus, the Students’ Union of the University of Ibadan, through a special release on the 27th June, 2021, stated the maximum prices of essential commodities across restaurants and retail outlets on campus.

According to the special release signed by the President, Akeju Oluwasegun, the House Secretary, Oladeji Richard and the PRO, Oladeji Bernard, the following are the fixed prices of commodities:

  1. A spoon of rice N50
  2. Egg N70
  3. Sachet water 2 for N25/ 4 for N50
  4. Cow Meat N50 
  5. Bag of sachet water N200
  6. Fish N50
  7. Plantain N10 per slice
  8. Cocacola products excluding pet coke N150
  9. Table water N90
  10. Uncooked egg N50
  11. Swallow N50
  12. Printing and photocopy N10

On transportation, the UISU made it known that the price of transportation via tricycle with two or three passengers will cost N50 and N30 per passenger respectively. The price for drop which is one or two persons remains at N100. It added that the destination of the first person on the queue determines the destination of the tricycle.

Also, the cab and bus price for three or four passengers are N50 each and N30 each respectively. The defaulters of these guidelines should be reported to the UISU Executives, the statement added.

The UISU revealed that the University Management has granted the request of the Union to open all Large Lecture Theatres (LLTs) to the students for studying. The faculties are being waited for to effect this as soon as possible.

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