RE: Physical Resumption: Travails Of UI Freshers Over Compulsory Dues Payment

We had published this now-deleted report to address the issues of fresh students at the university paying arbitrary fees. Our goal was simple: to call to order any executives who coerce fresh students to pay more than the required dues and to keep the latter informed of the resolution of the Students Union on the exact amount of dues that they must pay. Nothing more, nothing less.

We had sent a correspondent to look into the issue and get back with an accurate and balanced report of his investigation. Before we send any of our correspondents to the field, we have always inculcated in them the need to uphold the ethics of journalism, chief of which include verification of facts. Our watchword at UCJ UI has consistently hammered on accurate reporting. We don’t joke with this because the integrity of our organization lies on it. We have always published verified articles as evident in our previous publications except, unfortunately, for this one—which is now deleted.

Truthfully, it has not been in the tradition of UCJUI to publish distorted stories or propaganda against a student, groups of students, departments, faculties, or halls of residence. Thus, the grave mistake on the part of our correspondent who misconstrued a shred of information on the payment of dues at Awo Hall was a huge disappointment. We have no vendetta against the Awo Hall executives and do not wish to tarnish their image by publishing falsified reports against them. For this, we tender our unreserved apology. We are deeply sorry for the inconveniences Awo Hall executives might have faced from the report. It was a mistake on our part, which would never resurface. We would also take necessary actions against the correspondent who is the cause of this misunderstanding. We apologize once again.

Thank you.

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