The Die Is Cast

As the examinations draw closer, students are pulling their weight and preparing hard. But as you will expect, not all students. Some students are still of the opinion that the University will extend the academic calendar by at least three weeks to cater for the lost weeks during the test run of the online lectures. They have a valid opinion and may be right. 

However, as the University remains mute on this issue, it is best that as students we prepare rigourously. We are also familiar with the grievances from the students about having not begun some lectures and are seriously lagging. We know that this novel virtual learning which has shone a light on some incompetences in our universities will not come without its disappointments. We hope the University can see to the complaints from the students and possibly find measures to balance things up. For the record, this is the 10th week of lectures and examinations start in four weeks.

Last week was for Continuous Assessment. Some students had their tests online. But this came with glitches and technical errors, as the students vented their displeasure on the mode of grading. Some even went ahead to say that the University is not ready for “anything virtual”. Some are even suffering from heart palpitations, rendering fervid orisons that the University should not decide on virtual examinations because that will be tantamount to an academic disaster.

The online tests taken by some students came with a lot of outcry from them who said asides from the network problem (peculiar to Nigeria), there were graded wrong even when they got the answers right. As funny as this may sound, this connotes a gap. We hope the University can come to the salvation of the students because it will be counter-productive for the students to go through the stress of virtual learning and still get low scores in their tests—when they would have scored high marks.

Moving on, we hope the University can decide and make public the mode of examinations. So, the students can begin to prepare for it. If it will be a physical examination, will the university make accommodation available for the students? After all, the University had said no students should be found in school, then inviting them for a physical examination mean there’ll be housing for the students. This looks unlikely because some students in the Faculty of Technology had resumed physical classes—and the discussion of where they would stay was absent. 

If the university decides to carry on with virtual examinations, has it weighed the pros and cons? Many students would be affected if things go awry and we don’t think the University can redo examinations for students who might not be chanced from taking the examinations. So there are two decisions for the University, we hope the students are considered before they make a final decision.

For the fresh students, there’s no cause for alarm. UI exams are like the exams you’ve always done. The only difference is the technicality, and this is something you can overcome provided you have read well. We’ll advise that you are in contact with your senior colleagues so they will put you through. You can also brainstorm with your level-mates. Remember, this University does not romance with mediocre. You do well, you pass well. You fuck up, you get out. We advise that you make a checklist of reading and stay away from distractions. We hope you come out with flying colours.

For all students: Most importantly, we’d like to add that UCJ UI is a reliable platform that is concerned about the students’ welfare. Please, feel free to contact us when there’s a development you want us to look into. You can always trust us on your anonymity, except you want otherwise. As students, you shouldn’t keep grievances to yourself. 

Please feel free to reach out to us and we’ll channel your grievances to the appropriate quarters—no matter how sensitive it is! We are a body of professionals, rest assured that we’ll always treat your matters with all sincerity which you would find in our accurate and balanced reporting as we did on the issue of the “purported academic slavery”. We won’t compromise and won’t let you down, God willing. We would assist you in every way we can. We won’t tell you we are addressing issues that relate to you, while in actuality we are not like a student organisation did.

If you have a scoop for us, kindly send a mail to or contact the Editor-in-Chief on 09061949587. We hope to hear from you soon. 

Have a fantastic week ahead.

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