Why wait to get employed when you can be self employed?—Student-entrepreneur

In this interview by  UCJ UI Interview Editor, Prisca Aniemeke, student-entrepreneur Ayo Fatoki, talks about his businesses and how he balances them with his academics.

Can we meet you?

Good evening. My name is Ayo Fatoki, a 400 level student of the department of Early Childhood and Educational Foundations/English Language, Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan. Thank you.

Tell us about your business(es)

I’m into photography, still a student, but I take jobs already. I sell shoes too (corporate shoes) and I’m into event planning and management. Finally, I’m the team leader of Elegant Global concepts, we major in event planning which includes: Pageants, Kiddies parties, Numeracy/Literacy competitions amongst others. 

Have these businesses affected your academics in any way?

No, I don’t mix both up, they’re different. But, my course of study has a little influence in my business. For instance, I enjoy taking shoots of babies more than adults.

On an average, how long or how much time do you spend working?

Do you mean per day or per week?

I mean generally.

Okay. It varies, but an average of six hours a day.

Which of your businesses takes the most of your time?

Event planning/management. Currently promoting a pageant “Mr & Miss Gateway”. It’s the maiden edition.

Are you doing these things to support yourself in school? Are you going to continue with them even after graduation?

Lol, even after school, definitely.

Do you think it’s necessary (especially in this time) for students to have side hustles?

Yes sure, the Nigerian economy is bad, the unemployment rate is high. Why wait to get employed when you can be self employed?

What would your advice be for students who are finding it difficult to handle business and their academics?

Set your priorities right, you’ve all the time to get the best out of your business. But there’s a given time to get done with academics. If balancing both seems difficult or doesn’t work, pay more attention to your academics.

Is this virtual learning process beneficial for your business?

Very well! I’ve all the time to plan well, and explore.

What’s your opinion on the belief of youths of today that education is no longer important or having a degree is not important?

Hmm, this one is deep. In my opinion, the importance of education/having a degree cannot be overemphasized. Education was, is, and will always be important. I wouldn’t blame youths who believe education isn’t important. The corrupt system made us this way.

Do you have any other thing to say?

No, I don’t.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you. 

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