Bi a ba gun ‘yan ninu odo, ti a s’ebe ninu eepo epa, eni mayo a yo, eniti o ni yo o ni yo. This can be literally translated to mean: no matter the comforts or discomforts created by a situation, those who will scale through will do so and those who would not, will not.

The above Yoruba adage aptly describes the scenario we find ourselves pertaining to this virtual semester. The necessity for young minds to constantly get better with all that they study has been highlighted as the very root of traditional learning has been shaken. With the fully commencement of lectures for over a month, we must have experienced its two sides of the coin. Considering the flexibility such that it erases the laborious rushing and running to lecture rooms is a plus.

Likewise auditory learning which has been enhanced through availability of recorded sessions that can be listened to any other time doing any other thing. Of much impact however is the frustration associated with this novelty—affordability to miss lectures without one’s intention, poor power supply and network instability. The instability of the network services sometimes log one off intermittently from the virtual platform without permission from the lecturer. What of the reading of the released lecture notes with different tones during synchronous sessions? 

Nonetheless, reality is gradually dawning on both the students and the lecturers with the several assignments executed in addition to some continuous assessments not leaving out voluminous materials from different courses waiting to be consumed. The aroma of the nearness of examinations cannot but be perceived. It is in this light that we need to talk to ourselves. After all, the Yorubas will say: a kii b’ara eni s’ore, ka ma le ba ara eni so ooto oro (we can’t be friends and not tell ourselves the truth). 

First thing first, one needs to get rid of the associated frustration – poor network, delay in starting classes, non-availability of structured study materials, quality of materials available online, suspension of scheduled lectures, etc. In other words, take a chill pill. Situations in life are such that our weaknesses are sometimes exposed; at other times, our strengths are reinforced. Irrespective of our share of difficulties in the semester so far, we should not be weighed down. As it is said, we can only get tougher. A clear mind is needed to face the journey left as the end is nearer. 

In addition to the above is sorting out the various tasks and getting one’s priority right. This enhances absorption of study materials and being responsible with time. The mountain of to-dos contributes to stress and worrying. Efficiently tackling this is with the right schedules. As such, you cannot but create an action plan. Imbibing the value of effective time management has become more crucial as students now juggle between online and offline studying time. 

Upmost minimisation of interruptions is being stressed here as dedication and passion must not be allowed to mellow down. When it is time to study, do just that. Enhancing this is rightly evolving with the situation through adaptability and flexibility which birth focus and organisation. This allows goal oriented activities and ultimately, feelings of accomplishment when checking the items on the to-do lists. 

It will be counterproductive to eat heavy and unhealthy foods when ready to study as the brain will not be in its prime form which will eventually belittle one’s mental endurance. Not putting a square peg in a round hole, studying a little over a long period of time is recommended as the right way to study. Associated with this is paying to details intrinsic of each lecturer through active class participation, asking questions, being attentive to clues on assessment, reviewing past questions and group discussion. Reviewing in groups attracts such bonuses as improving notes, filling in the gaps in understanding, more exploration of complex concepts, more material coverage, additional knowledge and a support system.

Dear friends of the Union, if there be any assurance: we go dey alright las las. The extent is however dependent upon each person. Introspect to discover and develop study habits that will birth a game plan to retain information, stay focused and excel in all courses and other engagements. You can be among those that will scale through.

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