Create Your Magical Moments

By Osarennoma Ogbeide

In the wide spaced area, decorated with assorted products of steel is where the magic is made. Sweet savour fills the air, the sweet aroma I inhale, the product I enjoy. Food is good. I stir, I mix, and I beat like the meat depends on it. I season, I spice, I plate, and yes, I eat. Food is good.

With the festivities and seasons celebrations, the kitchen is one place I frequent the most, not just to eat but to cook. I had always dreaded coming home from school to resume duties in the kitchen, cooking and doing the dishes. It was a dreadful task for me. Even if I was basking in boredom, the kitchen was not exactly my favourite space to be in as long as it involved other things excluding eating. There are days where your body just doesn’t feel like cooking but you have to. The sight of big pots in the sink was never an encouragement either and the likes of beans and  Moi Moi or cooking multiple dishes that keep you in the kitchen for a long time were not moments to look forward to. All these compounded my disinterest in kitchen matters.

My story has changed, now I can conveniently say that the compulsory lock down in 2020 threw me into an avalanche of kitchen duty that changed my mind-set. I grew to love the kitchen space because I made up my mind to. I would make myself comfortable with music, dance if I had to and made sure to give myself sweet treats after a work well done. Frankly, I didn’t just shock the rest of my family, but I shocked myself the most. I saw myself being creative in the kitchen with dishes, trying out new recipes and plating like I was on the championship episode of chopped. A few kitchen accidents here and there too but what’s your kitchen experience without some mild knife cuts or stew burns?

In a couple of months, I was able to create magical moments in the kitchen, enjoying every bit of it. I watched how my decision to have fun in the kitchen became a reality. This further highlights the importance of choice and consent. It’s the start of a new year, you may have your way of doing things but for sure know you want to improve and do better. Enough of just talk, make the decision and be willing to nurture your growth in the new path.

Start now, be determined to see results, include favourable conditions to suit your style, don’t forget to reward yourself for your achievements and soon enough, you’ll be creating some magical moments too!

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