On The President’s Birthday: What Has Changed?

By Ogunsesan Nafisat

“If only Nigerians knew this President. If only they knew the essential Buhari, the quintessential patriot and gentlemen, they would have differently handle him with more care, and show him more kindness. Yes, everyone needs kindness, even Presidents”- Femi Adesina.

In 2017, President Buhari’s birthday celebration was also a surprise courtesy of the Vice-President, state governors, APC Chieftains, and other elites in the society who agreed the President has achieved enough feats to be celebrated. A nice move, I must say. 

According to Femi Adesina, Buhari’s media aide, Buhari’s 2018 birthday party was also a surprise one courtesy of his aides. While jubilation was in the air with the parade performance and rendition of birthday songs, President Buhari asked Nigerians for more time and prayers to fix the country as he clocked 76. Maybe it was quite fine to grant him his request then. Now, we have lost our patience. All we want is a responsible government who will know where our feet  hurts. 

Again, in 2019, the Buhari Media Organisation (BMO) felicitated with the President describing him as ‘akin to a man who is planting a tree, he will not take shade under, but the future generation will not take shade it but pluck the fruits thereof. Its Chairman, Niyi Akinsiju, on December 16, 2019 said President’s desire to lay solid foundation for the country’s development was already yielding results. What a joke! Dear Nigerians, what fruits have we plucked from the first tenure down to the second tenure? I must also ask, what results have the President’s desire yielded? Maybe and as always, that will be only visible to those who sing his praises. 

Though Niyi Akinsiju also wished the President more fruitful years on earth and urged Nigerians to continue to give their unalloyed support to him and his administration in order to bequeath a country where ordinary Nigerians would be the focus of all decisions, I however ask, till when? We have supported this government since 2015. When exactly are we going to enjoy the fruits of our labour. Even our anthem doesn’t want any labour of our heroes past to go in vain. So, why should ours?

Now, in 2020, in celebrating the President as he clocked 78, a lot have changed. His supporters have changed from pleading with us to heavily appraising the President and even blaming us for requesting more than Saibaba could delivered. As if it is our fault to desire a country where the people’s interests will be the government’s passion. 

‘Regardless of the views being canvassed by the opposition against the administration, we are convinced that his style of leadership, his dedication and commitment to a government of the people and by the people has returned government to ordinary Nigerians’And if the engineering distraction against his government continues, it is the country that would have lost. A great deal’. That was the statement released yesterday, December 17, 2020 by one of Buhari’s patriots to celebrate the President. 

Instead of setting out well crafted means to achieve the goals of their policies and laws, what emanated from the Aso rock are constant corruption and in fact irresponsibility to the core. I have also assumed that it is either Buhari lacks kindness whatsoever for the citizens who voted for him in high hopes and stood by him even when it was somehow clear he had very little to offer, or that Buhari has become the ruled with little or no voice at all to say YES when yes should be said and say NO when that should also be said.  

Just as somebody said, six years is a long time for one to keep failing at the one thing he had aspired to achieve for 12 years. After all, what we have sadly experienced from his leadership these past years is nothing short of disappointments with a little success as an icing to sweeten us. It is now clear that we do not need any icing. We need the cake and this government has no clue on how to bake not to talk of how to tackle the challenges facing this country. Their nonchalance is causing precious Nigerian lives. After all, we all know the news about the EndSars movement, the Kastina abduction and so on. If I must say, they have betrayed our trust and do not deserve any more trust or patience whatsoever.

Tweets like ‘salute a dead? What an irony. These people should be hold accountable for TREASON’ and ‘The most useless President alive. May your life turn out the exact way u r running the country?’ reveal the anger of the people towards the government. It demonstrates our utmost disappointment and regret. If we had known, we would have done better.  The question is, how true is that?

Definitely, we should use this moment of celebration to make a clarion call. It, therefore, will not make any sense for us to continue this way for another two and a half years. If at all Buhari loves this country as his patriots claim, as he reflects on the last 77 years of existence on his birthday, he would do what is best for all; what he himself knows and what the people require of him-  treating the people right, serving us to his best of his abilities and helping Nigeria develop under the auspices of his leadership. 

Just as the Federal Executive Council (FEC) said, ‘it is also my sincere prayers ‘that under your leadership for the little time that remains, Nigeria shall continue to enjoy stability, remain United and indivisible. I also ask that you realise your obligations towards nation -building and the promises you have made to us all. I wish that you will not fail us again. 

Dear President, I wish you a happy birthday. I pray you will prove us wrong for the next two and a half years. 

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