Omah Lay Vs Tems; Who Deserves The Next Rated?

By Pelumi King

2020 has been a strange year, a year filled with much strange happenings and occurrences. 2020 has its many downs but still, it has managed to introduce two wonderful artistes whose songs have not only being explosive but also soothing. Their songs have been a way for many people to forget all the strange happenings in the world for a while and focus on the beautiful melodies of the songs.  

In all fairness, Omah Lay and Tems are not only the artistes that 2020 introduced but they have surely been the standout artistes. They were both nominated for the Headies next rated award amongst Oxlade, Bella Schmurda. Omah Lay and Tems have been fantastic but who deserves the Next rated award?

Omah Lay

2020 has been a wonderful year for Omah Lay, Omah Lay is an artiste that literally has no bad songs in 2020. All his songs and songs he featured on were hits. It all started when Omah Lay released his hit single “Do not Disturb”. That song made waves and put him in the limelight and on the radar. He then cemented on this success by released his mega and smashing hit “Get Layd”. The EP literally changed his life and catapulted him to the very top. All the tracks on that EP were hits. From Damn, to Lo Lo, from Lo Lo to You, from You to Bad Influence, From Bad Influence to Ye Ye Ye, all of them were hits although Bad influence stood out for many as the best track on Get Layd EP thus making it a mega hit. Bad influence was practically everywhere and connected to many people. Bad Influence drew many people to the EP and the rest of the tracks did the rest. Omah Lay who specialises in Afro beats and Afro fusion has a very melodious sound accompanied with a wonderful voice. He showed this in Get Layd EP and further buttressed this fact in his recently released EP What have we done? 

What have we done is a different breed of EP. Perhaps, one would have thought he would sample the same sounds he used in Get Layd but Omah Lay surprised those who thought that way as all the tracks on the EP were completely different to the tracks on the Get Layd EP. It was a different version of Omah Lay, more like Omah Lay pro max.  What have we done within 48 hours became the No 1 streamed albums on many music streaming albums. The tracks on the EP, Godly. Confession, Can’t relate, My Bebe and bonus track Damn remix were competing against themselves in top 10 most streamed songs on Apple, Audiomack, Boomplay. Spotify and many other music streaming platforms. The tracks were up there with tracks from Wizkid, Davido and Burna Boy even displacing some of their tracks. It showed how incredibly good he is. His incredible success this year has earned him many nominations and accolades including the Headies’ next rated award and Breakthrough act at MTV Africa Music Awards. 


Tems has been a wonderful artiste. An artiste that has also made waves in the year 2020. She catapulted into limelight when she released her single “Try me”. The single Try me was a smashing success. What drew many people to her brand of music is her special and melodious kind of voice. Tems voice in conjunction with her sound is very sweet to the ears. Not only is it sweet to the ears, it also connects with your soul. Tems’ songs is very soul connecting especially if one can relate to her songs. Tems is very different to other brand of female artistes because she has succeeded in making her own sound and making it stand out. 

Tems released her first EP “For Broken Ears” and the EP rose to become one of the best Eps released in 2020. The standout track in the EP was Damages, a track that not only showed how good Tems is but also how versatile she is. 

Listening to all the tracks on Tems EP will put you in a different realm and a different dimension. It will get you in your feelings in beautiful kind of way. One can almost shed beautiful tears from the beautiful sounds coming from the tracks on her EP “For Broken Ears”. 

Tems astounding success this year has also earned her many accolades and nominations including Headies’ next rated award and Breakthrough act at the MTV Africa Music Awards. 

Now seeing all their wonderful statistics, who deserves the next rated award? Both of them. They both have done wonderfully well in the year 2020. Headies should give them both the award if possible. 

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