John Wick Vs Deckard Shaw: Who Is The Better Fighter?

By Pelumi King

John Wick and Deckard Shaw are two legendary characters in the world of Action movies. John Wick is a popular action figure known by all and sundry. Deckard Shaw is also popular action figure in his own right. For those who do not know who Deckard Shaw is, he is a character in the fast and furious franchise. He first appeared in Fast and Furious 6, then reappeared in Fast and Furious 7 and 8. He later appeared in a sequel of Fast and Furious; Hobbs and Shaw.

John Wick

This is a character played by Keanu Reeves. John Wick is an explosive character, a character versed in the use of guns and a very good combat fighter. The maddest scene arguably in John Wick was when he stormed a particular club filled with loads of bodyguard to catch the killer of his dog. The length John wick went for the dog showed the full extent of the ability of John Wick. John Wick is very versatile in the use of guns and many refer to him as the gun expert, perhaps the most versed character in the use of guns. John Wick is also a very ruthless character, if any man threatens him or does any harm to him, he is sure to repay it ruthlessly. He does not even mind the consequence. We could see that in John Wick; Chapter 2 where he killed one of the men responsible for the burning of his house in the Continental hotel where it was forbidden to kill. This led to him being excommunicated. In Chapter 3; Parabellum, he alone had to fight league of assassins in order to avoid being killed. Respect grew for John Wick when he killed a particular assassin with a book. In chapter 1, he was said to have killed people with a pencil. John Wick according to how he was portrayed in the movie can hold his own against anybody.

Deckard Shaw

Deckard Shaw is a character played by Jason Statham. Deckard Shaw is a popular actor in the fast and furious franchise. He played a most prominent role in Fast and Furious 7 where he wanted to avenge his brother. He blamed Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) for putting his brother in a coma. From Fast and furious, we could see how strategically smart he is, we could also see his abilities as a fighter. He held his own against his very best. Although he does not use gun as much as John Wick, he is also very versed in the use of guns, another gun expert. In Hobbs and Shaw, Deckard was also very ruthless and clinical. His fighting skills are very superb. He goes through his opponents with relative ease. One of his best scenes in Hobbs and Shaw was when he breezed through a couple of his opponents in order to gain access to a highly guarded facility. Deckard Shaw is a very good one on one fighter. Deckard Shaw can also hold his own against anybody. Though the story is in the hands of the writer, it should not stop you from picking out who the better fighter is. Based on what you have seen from Deckard Shaw and John Wick’s fight scenes, who is the better fighter?

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