Nigeria…We need answers.

By Osarennoma Ogbeide

The past week was all about celebrating Nigeria’s 60th independence. Citizens and non-citizens in diaspora collectively celebrated our country. However, in the midst of the celebration, there were subtle complaints. One that peaked my interest was “ I am proud to be a Nigerian but I’m tired of being a Nigerian!”, this was accompanied by evidence showing a good number of Nigerians who posted the country’s flag were based outside the country while some others here were apathetic to the celebrations. The explanation I could give to this was simple- dissatisfaction and displeasure, owing to the fact that the expectations citizens have for the country are far from being met.

This week, the escapades of SARZ became the number one trend and rave in the society and that didn’t help matters as many have already lost hope in our motherland. These societal ills are just the push some lukewarm citizens needed to mentally disown our country and government. Reading and hearing the experiences people have had was completely disheartening. With this displeasure, celebrities and tired citizens took to social media, hoping to raise their voices as a wakeup call to the concerned bodies on the need to pay attention to the affairs of this nation.

People are earnestly seeking for answers, searching anxiously for reasons to be proud of our past 60 years. What we dread is when we’re at the brink of hope but yet another tragedy strikes, killing our ambitions.

ASUU is still on strike, with the seemingly endless wait, Nigerian students have come to terms with the fact that “the student in them has already graduated”, the labour market has its own sorry tales, inflation is peeping from a corner as prices of goods and services are gradually increasing by the day. Too much is going on and Nigerians are choked already.

All fingers are pointed at the government and the systems in place. Every move is now being recorded, examined and ready to be judged. The truth however is that despite our complaints here and there, our grumblings and dissatisfaction very pungent, we truly yearn for unity, faith, peace and progress.

All we’re asking for is a reason to believe in this country again, to believe in a ‘One Nigeria’. We need a reason to believe in our motherland.

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