UI VC Race: All The Issues Raised By The Two Petitioners Are Spurious – Professor Akinsola

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By Balogun Babatunde

Professor M K Akinsola, an aspirant for UI Senate Selection Board for the appointment for the Vice Chancellor, has reacted to the petitions written by Professor Ademola Daslyva and Professor Adesoji A. Fasanmade as regard the irregularities in the just concluded election held via e-voting September 22nd.

In his letter addressed to the Chairman of the Governing Council, he noted that his reaction to the petition was triggered as a result of his name being mentioned in the petition without prior knowledge.

He reacted to the use of “our” as written in the petition that “this objection stems from our conviction that the election was compromised, fraught procedural improprieties as well as lacking transparency.” His response to this claim was, there were nine (9) who contested the election and the petition was signed by only one person and does not know where the “our” is coming from.

He also maintained on the issue of no record of validation that a meeting was held at the Senate Chamber on Friday 18th of September, 2020 at 4.00pm where all the nine contestants were present so as to discuss and make final arrangements for the election of 21st September, 2020. He stated that, “Integrity demands that we abide with the decision we all subscribed to and should not have it as one of the items in a petition.”

On the claim that the election was compromised and manipulated, Professor M.K Akinsola asserted that the 20 votes declared for him was the only result declared officially as against the 50 votes on unreliable social media platforms. He further stated that Petitioner was physically present at the venue and writing days after the election was an attempt to bring the University and Senate to disrepute.

He also addressed the issue of voting in Prof. Omole Adedeji’s office that the petitioner could have at least mentioned one member of the Senate who voted in his office, otherwise the accusation could be treated as hearsay or blackmail as there was no proof.

He said that Senate office sent an email to all Hods’ and relevant organs of the university on the 20th of August, 2020 to update it with relevant information which led to the final updated versions sent to all Senator members on the 6th of September, 2020 and 18th September, the head of the technical crew, Prof. Ogunjuyigbe stated that a total of 639 Senate Members were accredited for the election and none of us raised any issue concerning it. Going by the results, 604voted in the election, representing 94.52% who voted, meaning that only 35 eligible voters did not participate in the election, and one cannot ascertain what prevented the 35 from voting and this was to counter the petition raised on the issue of eligible members of the Senate.

Professor M .K Akinsola ended his letter with “As a candidate in the election under reference, I am of the enlightened opinion that all the issues raised by the two petitioners are spurious and really non-issues as far as the credibility of the entire electoral process is concerned. I will therefore NOT support the cancellation of the election.”

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