Hult Prize Challenge, University of Ibadan

Hult Prize, a platform created to selectively scout for innovative ideas and create room for global elevation is settling in UI with another explosive edition, again promising to be bigger and better.

HULTPRIZE is a global competition that features hundreds of thousands of young people coming together to work towards solving some of the world’s problems and the event in UI is a microcosm of that.

The University has played host to this event since 2016 and has successfully witnessed the birth of startups like FactsCount, Helpmum, Greendrive, Vinsighte, SkillNG, etc. who have gone on to compete at international levels and acquired several grants and funding in the process.

The uniqueness of the Hult Prize movement in UI is that it serves to create an enabling environment for entrepreneurship and disruptive innovation amongst students, which are necessary tools every generation needs to change the world.

Students have the opportunity to pitch that crazy, brilliant and spectacular idea to the whole world and there is nothing more exhilarating than that.

This year, taking to note, increased awareness to reduce crowding and imbibe social distancing measures, HultPrizeUI would take another turn and be displayed on a virtual platform.

However, this is not in anyway different from the usual and it promises to be even more spectacular!

Another big blow is that this year, HultPrize will be coordinated by the first female Campus Director!

Hult Prize UI is indeed ready to change the world!

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