The Vice Chancellor has approved a new bus terminus to serve Awo, Idia, others—Dean of Students

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The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Abel Idowu, has ‘graciously’ approved a proposal from the Student Affairs Division of a new bus terminus, which will serve Awolowo, Idia, Abubakar Halls as well as the University Stadium, Imo residential axis, Admission Office and Faculty of Technology, the Dean of students, Prof. Keye Abiona, said on Thursday.

He further disclosed that the provision of a new bus terminus to halls and residential areas in the Awolowo-Abubakar-Idia axis was due to “incidents of security breaches, persons offering risky free rides to students…”

Prof. Abiona continued that the high population of students and staff who exit and return to the axis on a daily basis; the fact that there is no commuter-shelter for persons awaiting vehicle to various destinations, also attributed to the need for a terminus.

Speaking on the benefits of the terminus, he stated that “…a new bus terminus will enhance the security situation in the area and allays fears of rape. There would be no reason for vulnerable ladies to accept free rides from unknown persons, especially at night, since there would be a designated terminus for intra-campus movements.”

He also added: “a new bus terminus at this axis will put an end to the lingering issue of arbitrary and high transport fare occasioned by drivers’ claim that they would not get return passengers from school area and the main gate. This challenge has persisted over the years.

“Students in the axis can easily get bus\cab\tricycle to their choice destination at the terminus without waiting for too long, hereby solving the hardship being presently experienced.

“It will also assist the bus the bus\cab\tricycle operators to easily harvest passengers coming from the axis.

“The terminus will also provide shelter commuters from harsh weather.”

Those to benefit from the proposed new terminus, according to him, include: Residents of Obafemi Awolowo, Abubakar, Queen Idia Halls; Residents of several Private Halls; Staff and visitors of the Admissions Office; Users of the Computer-Based Testing; University Stadium Staff and Students; and Residents of Barth Road and the Imo Street Axis.

The Dean of Students then said the terminus could be located at the T-junction of Appleton (Tech Road) Idia-Awo halls area because it is a central area.

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