The Union of Campus Journalists, University of Ibadan on Thursday at about 12pm sent representatives to the chamber of Barrister Musibau who not confirm his safe release but as well deliver the Union’s goodwill message to the associates at the chamber.

According to a senior associate of Barrister Musibau who gave his name as Oba, Barrister Musibau was released at about 11:30pm on Wednesday night. While the Union requested to know if there is any condition attached to his release, he opted to keep that from the press but rather stated the known fact that the country is a place where illegality is legal.

Although Barrister Musibau was not met in person, just as earlier reports suggested, he is back safe and sound in his home in Ibadan. Also, his secretary confirmed he will be resuming work after the Easter Break.

Barrister Musibau had been kidnapped on Monday along the Ilesha-Akure highway while going for a court case but we thank God he has been released (after the case).

The Union of Campus Journalists, University of Ibadan however uses this medium to thank everyone (especially to our media partners) who made efforts in one way or the other to support this cause.



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