By Adedokun Seyi

Note: This story is not intended to dent anybody’s image or call for a head. Your discretion is highly important in this. If you find it real, fine, and if it’s unreal, the essence is just to alert the sand that something happened on it.


Many people loved Oraye, and he was highly preferred. Many of his friends have struggled to be like him and he hated himself because he couldn’t sit them to teach them. What he would have taught them was how to be more of who they are.

People laugh at his gesture everytime because he appears funny, even if he was not going to crack jokes, they would look stupid and ask why they were falling into laughter. He cracks joke with people, doesn’t like seeing sad people around him, he loves freedom that he always avoid some doctrinal personalities who only go the one-way. Oraye does not have a dress code but anyhow he dresses is like every moment is made for him.

His friends laughed at him because he was the only person that would pray before a strand of hair comes out for his beard, and he draws it a million time to feel his boyhood.

We’ve got a little boy amidst us to send on errand at any time”, Lumbagi would say at every moment they laugh at him.

Lumbagi’s father, Lafayetti, is a peasant farmer and Kola seller. His father is hairy to the extent that whenever his mother wants to get an attachment, she uses part of her husband’s hair. His skin was wrapped with congregations of bushy hair and at time, Ria, Lumbagi’s mother would make jest of the unkempt hair in his armpit and schmuck.

Although Ria enjoys her husband, she would always warn her son to be clean with his hair.

Pending the time Oraye joined his dream group, he had bought himself tools. They offered them free items, but whoever gets his aforetime would benmost senior of them all. Despite his beardless face, he was still respected among others. They love him, and he always give back, whatever is given him.

He went ahead with his Calabash Union group and took up the challenge to take the mantle of leadership. After persuasion from every side, he decided to join the clan of bidders because he also had experiences. The people were supporting him, they were pushing him up, telling him he can do it, encouraging him that the future lies in him.

Kudeti, his friend, who belongs to the palmwine group backed him with support. He told him that he would work underground for him. “You’re yet to know the kind of friend that you have until now. I will support you throughout this time, and I will make sure that all the calabash stars support you. You, just keep me updated, the win is yours”, he promised Oraye

His ally whose name is Kuromi that joined Calabash team a moon ago, after him, had heard about him. He confessed that the loyalty of Oraye made him to create interest. He has always loved the artwork of Oraye for years. He storied that Oraye had been a conquistador in every Artwork and he has stalked him until the day he met him. He was even proud that they met in the same group, where he (Oraye) contested for the Ààre Igbá.

Friends from far and near became the strand of support, who now turned themselves to billboards for people to see their person. The election period ushered Oraye back to the midst of the people who had bought Agbádá and the gòbì cap, and had arranged drummers to jubilate with him, but he didn’t win, he was pained, not because he lose, but because he knew the opponent would not do anything.

Because of the genuine passion, he accepted a different opportunity from several counsellors. They approached him to never try to leave the new breeds that would be handed the mantle of power.

His very close colleague, Maruwa had chided him for being hurt and emotional. He called him names because he (Maruwa) thought he wanted to join him to quench the hurt. Some of Oraye’s friends had left him, telling him that he needed rest. This got Oraye confused.

He asked, squeezing his face.

Nothing. Don’t worry. Just sleep well.. Ehn”, Danrola replied.

Aah.. Egbami. Why should I sleep? I called Maruwa and he started saying rubbish, and the same thing with you too. You guys should not think I’m weak now. It is true that nobody will be happy when he loses, but it’s just for a while. I’ve forgotten about this issue for God’s sake”, Oraye said, standing akimbo with confused sight…

To be continued…

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