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FOPA 2018 Winner, Tunde Alao Tobi


Tunde-Alao Samuel Tobi is a 600L student of the faculty of Dentistry, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan. He is the first of three children in a monogamous family which has its roots in Ede, Osun State.

He had his primary school education at Anuoluwapo International School Ede and secondary education at Federal Science and Technical College Ilesa Osun State, where he graduated with 9 distinctions in the 2011 WASSCE.

In 2011, he got admitted in to the University of Maiduguri to study Medicine and Surgery. Sadly, he had to terminate his studentship some months later as a result of the Boko Haram menace in Maiduguri. In 2012, he got admitted in to the University of Ibadan to study Dentistry and Dental Surgery.

He is passionate about academics and student leadership. Currently, he is the Editor-in-chief of Dentiscope Editorial Board and the Social and Buttery Minister of the Alexander Brown Hall.

Below are his academic achievements;

  • 100L

First Class – 6.8/7.0

Best student in the Faculty of Dentistry


BDS Part 1 – Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry

 Best in Anatomy

 Best in Physiology

 Best in Biochemistry

Where he narrowly missed distinctions in the 3 courses with 79%, 78% and 77% respectively.



BDS Part 2 – Pathology and Pharmacology

 Best in Pharmacology

 Best in Pathology

*Distinction in Pharmacology. Above 70 in Pathology

BDS Part 3 – Medicine and Surgery

 Best in Medicine

 Best in Surgery, with a score 70 and above in Medicine and Surgery.


BDS Part 4 – Oral Biology and Operative Techniques in Dentistry

 Best in Oral Biology

 Best in Operative Technique

*Distinction in Oral Biology

BDS Part 5 – Oral Pathology and Child Oral Health

 Best in Oral pathology

 Best in Child Oral Health

*Distinctions in both Oral Pathology and Child Oral Health

*If his scores in the listed courses are calculated using the 7.0 CGPA system, he will still be on a first class (6.9 to be specific).*

*Other honors that have been racked up by him include:*

 Honourary Demonstrator (2016 till date), Department of Anatomy, University of Ibadan. An appointment which he got as a result of his outstanding performance in Anatomy during his preclinical years, and a platform through which he tutors 200L and 300L MBBS/BDS students in anatomy.

 Representative Team UI Dental School, at the 2nd edition of the Prof. J.O Lawoyin Interdental schools quiz competition where team UI came first.

 GAMALIEL O ONOSODE Award for Excellence in Good Standing in Character and Leadership Qualities (Faculty of Dentistry) – 2016

Asides being the best student in 100 Level and all the 11 courses he has offered in his professional exams (BDS part I to V exams), he had broken the record of the highest number of distinctions in Ibadan Dental school with 4 distinctions in clinical school. He also recently got 100% in Oral pathology (an achievement that is almost impossible in Ibadan medical school). These and many more feats in academics have made him stand out of his colleagues.

Chidera Anushiem, Host

UCJ UI: Good evening Mr. Tunde-Alao Tobi. Can we meet you?

TOBI: Good evening sir. I am Tunde-Alao Samuel Tobi. I am a 600 level Dental student.


UCJ UI: Okay sir. How was growing up like?

TOBI: Well… Highs and Lows. God has always been good to my family. From my subjective view of my family, we are basically “average”. But things were not particularly hard. I thought they could have been better. My growing up was/is a testimony. A lot of landmarks that I will beg to keep personal.


UCJ UI: Academics-wise, How was growing up like?

TOBI: I have always been very good, from primary school. But there was significant improvement in the university.


UCJ UI: Your position in primary school up to secondary education, how were the ratings and their levels? What changed?

TOBI: Primary 1 to SS3. I didn’t get anything lower than 1st. Plus, I had some ridiculous scores in secondary school. I got better. I could merge schooling with education and extracurricular activities. I learnt how to invest less time into schooling and get good results. Basically, it got easier.

  1. I am a football addict. I can sit down and watch all the matches in a weekend.
  2. I watch movies… (a lot of them)
  3. I have commitments too. I am the social and buttery minister of ABH, Chairman of ABH Football Association, Editor-in-chief Dentiscope Editorial Board, and so on.


UCJ UI: So, sir, how do you joggle all these with your academics? Seeing that dentistry is a particularly tasking one.

TOBI: It is hard to be honest but I set principles for myself. I don’t mix them. I make sacrifice.  I always have working plans. I share my time. God has been good too. He basically teaches me stuff. I do the right thing at the right time. Most importantly, I try not to hurt my academics no matter what.


UCJ UI: Hmmm… Did you apply to UI for Dentistry or MBBS?

TOBI: Dentistry actually. I initially got admitted into University of Maiduguri for MBBS but I had to leave because of my mum and Boko Haram. Then, I had to pick up another jamb form. I wanted something different. I met some people. Then, I opted for BDS UI.


UCJ UI: Hmm. So how will you describe your years in UI thus far?

TOBI: Great. I thank God I decided to come here.


UCJ UI: Why?

TOBI: I met people that changed the course of my academic life, for good though. This, I am most grateful for. On the down part, UI was/is a little bit overwhelming for me. I cried like 3-4 times in my first 2 years.


UCJ UI: So what are the challenges you’ve faced thus far?

TOBI: COMUI has a way on killing the smartness in people. I fight this in my head every time/day. The structure they have for us is to be “average”. I have to struggle to break that chain.

– Relationships – It’s hard to connect with people because everyone believes I am up there.

– Consistency – a big challenge because everyone expects the best/ideal from me

– Living my life in 24 hours daily


UCJ UI: Ever felt like quitting?

TOBI: No. Never. I always have reasons to keep going.


UCJ UI: When you say ‘the structure they have is for us to be average’, what do you mean?

TOBI: The structure doesn’t support extreme excellence. They care about you getting above 50. To get a distinction, you need to be extra good. Even after getting the marks, I organise a special exam for you (distinction Viva) Distinction was 70 at a point. They moved it to 75 because people were getting distinctions. Now it is 80. Other medical schools in Nigeria use 70.


UCJ UI: Talking about relationships now, are you currently in one?

TOBI: Yes. I am dating a beautiful lady.


UCJ UI: Interesting? It might be personal, but have you racked up all your distinctions with her by your side?

TOBI: Yes sir. She was just around for the last 3 distinctions. She is a medical student too. She is understanding. Not all.


UCJ UI: Did you ever feel under pressure at some point? At what point was that or points where those sir and how did you manage them?

TOBI: Before tests and examinations. There is always this voice in my head…. “You cannot fail” everyone is interested in your result And during ward rounds and clinics. Everyone expects you to know the answer to every question. I read more.


UCJ UI: When you say you aim to read less and achieve more, how, specifically, do you do it?

TOBI: I have developed myself to a point I understand stuffs very fast and retain them for a long time.


UCJ UI: Alright. Why did you choose Maiduguri by the way?

TOBI: My secondary principal influenced that decision. We were very close. He was my mentor. He stays there. I met some UniMaid lecturers through him. So, I fell in love.


UCJ UI: Interesting. So what are your plans for life after medical school?

TOBI: I want to leave this country. To practise or do residency or pursue an academic career. Make impact in people’s lives. Have a nice family and live happily. Lol.


UCJ UI: Leave the country? Why?

TOBI: I believe there are potentials in me that I can only unlock when I travel out.. Lol.


UCJ UI: Hmm… Alright. There are rumours from sources that you’re a party person. Is this true sir?

TOBI: Party? Like partying?


UCJ UI: Yes.

TOBI: Well, maybe. I like chilling too.


UCJ UI: Interesting. You have political inclinations. Are you considering joining mainstream politics in the future?

TOBI: Yes.  Definitely


Akinpelu Yusuf, co-host

UCJ UI: Okay. So what is your opinion about the following: Drinking, Smoking and Drug Abuse?

TOBI: Medically speaking, they have their long term effect but personally, I respect people’s social habits.


UCJ UI: Alright. How did it feel like winning the FOPA?

TOBI: I cried on that stage. The award is massive for me. It is my greatest so far. It’s over 1 week and I still can’t find the appropriate sentence to describe how I feel. But this feeling is superb????


UCJ UI: Congratulations on that. So from the audience: what area of dentistry do you intend to practice?

TOBI: Orthodontics

MI SPY, Chief Host

UCJ UI: Alright. Finally, you have three ladies: Nwarueze Elizabeth, Nwaezuoke Anastasia, Amandla Stenberg (if you know her). You have to: Kiss, Marry and Kill one each. What will you do to each?

TOBI: Marry – Nwarueze Elizabeth, Kiss – Nwaezuoke Anastasia, Kill – Amandla Stenberg


UCJ UI: Alright. So with that we have come to the end of the interview. Thank you so much for your time sir.

Credit: WOUWO

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