There are many mistakes we make while trying to look nice. We know no one is perfect but we can try to make our fashion sense better, classier and timeless
1. Exposed under-wears: we should try as much as possible to make our under-wears invisible. Bra straps, panties line, boxers, singlet straps and so on should be well tucked in. we don’t want to see your underwear, they are called underwear because it is meant to be under and not part of your dressing. They don’t look nice.
2. Who said its fashion to wear only bras under a see through material? In our bid to be trending, fashionable and simple at the same time we should always remember to be decent. Singlet should be worn when wearing chiffon material, be decent.
3. Never over accessorize: Using too much of accessory make your dressing too extravagant and cheap. Simple accessories make clothes come out the way you just want it. Not dull and too flashy. Stop being flashy, be simple.
4. Wear comfortable heels: don’t wear heels because everybody is wearing them. Choose the comfortable design and inch. In every dressing, comfortability is very important.
5. Pattern on pattern: while trying to look nice, always have it in mind that patterns don’t look nice on patterns. Always mix your clothes with plain dressing. Pattern on pattern makes you look like a masquerade. While trying to look good, don’t look like a masquerade.
By Beauty queen

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