The Unconscious

By Abdul-Azeez Ilyas


Little wonder
Ye who slumber

That very act, you’ve grown fonder
Gone unconscious, to those awake, you’re no more a member

In your dream, around you wander
But in reality you can’t move a lumbar

Never can you tell what’s going on around your border
In person you may be dumb, but now you’re dumber

As I came in, if you see me or not, I’m left to ponder
Of course you couldn’t have, I shrugged my shoulder

Now I can do all I please, I’ve suddenly become bolder
You’re far out of phase, you can’t call me to order

Meanwhile, as you lay, some scenes you gather
Like driving a car, let’s call it Honda

You got some designers on, I mean Prada
It looked so real until there was an intruder

You never saw the lightening all you felt was the thunder
Immediately after impact, you became less blinder

Thinking of what happened, like if you committed a blunder
As you struggle to separate your eyes, standing before you was father

Amidst gestures of displeasure, indeed you were struck with another
Without further ado you became conscious, for you didn’t want to increase the number

His hands were fortified, your body it could tear asunder

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