From a rickety minivan I alighted

For his trouble, eighty naira I rendered.

With a great deal I sped, for just a chance in

Another left with a fixed course for Alakia.

My brow mirrored weariness

The day indeed a great deal of ordeals emitted.



A creature shot forward, quicker than quick

Out was stretched a structure,

Almost mistaken for a stick.

My journey was slowed, almost interrupted

For my thigh she did firmly grab

With an undying determination.

Strange eyes scurried and fasten to mine

Rendering any attempt at enquiring superfluous.



My hand massaged a back pocket,

A message was sent to my brains,

And quickly to my throne another.

Arithmetic became non-negotiable

Stranded must not I be.

The obvious became that I possessed not much

Yet the strength of my resistance melted as I behold

An out stretched palm, shaky {almost fallen}, dirty, dry, and rough.



“How long have you on earth’s surface operate?” I enquired.

“About five horrible yes” she replied.

“Mum or dad watching you now?” further I probed.

“Only little sister under a shed right there” sharply she retorted.

“Why here all alone?” curiously I asked.

“Mum and Dad in a ghastly car accident were crushed,

Granny too grand a mother to care render,

The streets our only source of survival became” she responded

With her eyes almost flooded.



To her wearied eyes fastened mine,

With glimpse, fear, pain, need, I extracted

My reason reshaped.

Not all on the streets are lazy, cheats, intentional beggars,

Life sometimes laden some with heavy ordeals,

When from you she seeks help,

Remember, you are only privileged to such a service render,

I could have been me, you, you, and you!





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