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Oil of Encomiums

Views: 80 By Ogwiji Ehi-Kowochio It is only an ungrateful feet that would not pause to appreciate the ears which notified it of the dangers from which it fled A man who has not sipped sourness from the calabash of sweet blindness will not see reasons to pour a brimful horn of the oil of encomiums on his eyelids both ...

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Ten Fun Tips on How to Balance Your Life as a Student

Views: 84 Ten Fun Tips on How to Balance Your Life as a Student Muminat Adekunle Be focused: Hello, Mr Jack, can you just set your eyes on a single trade? This is one problem many students have- wanting a piece of every pie. Only you want to be pressman, politician, fashionista, blogger, photojournalist, debater…ahan! Na only you waka come? ...

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Views: 82 HALEEM OLATUNJI and AKINGBOHUNGBE OLUWATOSIN The University of Ibadan Students’ Union led by Mr. Ojo Oluwanifemi and Rt. Hon. Onifade Bello, for the SU Executive and Legislative Council respectively, has championed the release of Mr. Abdullahi Aliyu, a student of History in the Institution and a representative of Nnamdi Azikwe Hall at the SRC level. The Students of ...

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Views: 61 “The only security of all is in the freedom of the press” ― Thomas Jefferson. It is no news how great the struggle for Freedom of Information law in Nigeria was. According to an August 2000 publication of the Media Rights Agenda titled “Unlocking Nigeria’s Closet of Secrecy”, the struggle for a Freedom of Information law in Nigeria ...

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