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Views: 106 By Seyi Adedokun “Pollution is nothing but the resources we are not harvesting. We allow them to disperse because we have ignorant of their value”- R. Buckminster Fuller With this absence of the union, everyone has pretended as if all is well. This partly follows their ability to be well and on the other hand, some have lamented ...

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Views: 102 The ASUU extended holidays are over and we are onto the thick of things in the various activities that will come with this semester. Hall weeks, Faculty weeks, Jihad week and several other programs here and there save one; the student union week. As every politically conscious student on campus knows, this is because our Students’ Union has ...

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“A student leader should work with the management and not for the management” – Ojo Aderemi

Views: 115 The Suspension of the Students’ Union activities in the University of Ibadan by the University management had caused a lot of confusion among students. From lies to propaganda and a host of other things that had transpired within the last two months, a lot of questions have been left unanswered. With the team of Seyi Adedokun and Samuel Arowosafe, UCJUI sought to get some answers from a stakeholder; the suspended Students’ Union president, Ojo Aderemi. ………………………………………………………. UCJUI: What is your sincere view about the suspension of the union? What has it affected so far?   Ojo: The suspension of the Union is the most unfortunate thing that has happened to our higher institution of learning. It has led to the ...

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