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Nigerian Tertiary Institutions: An Endangered Species under the Proposed 2018 Budget

Views: 78 Since President Muhammadu Buhari presented the proposed 2018 budget before the National Assembly on 7 November 2017, quite a number of reservations have trailed the 1918-pages-long document. Standing out easily among these reservations is that which concerns the educational sector. The government has allocated ₦435.01 billion to education out of the total amount of ₦8.612 trillion proposed for ...

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Views: 71 By: Farmer Some couple of months the ink remained covered Order from the above it must not utter “Dear not write but examine very tight,” Parboil the seeds and ignore their feet Aftermath of this, here is what I see A skeptical Nigeria with a messiah, Toiling to drive and move it higher But his people are making ...

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Views: 61 By Seyi Adedokun To some,it is a ghostly apparition. To some, it is hope at old age or a lullaby-loving terrain. While to others, its existence is just like a commonplace given a name for identification sake. There is no specific thing to qualify it as, either can it be a quantifiable substance_ if at all it is, ...

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