By Bello Abdulrahmon

They strive to disrupt your course
And met to distort your source
They searched for faults
And wished your loss
But nay, you’re strong

On the day of success
They planned a congress
To deprive you of your licence
Yet, you got access
And futile was their effort’s essence

If Jesus was envied
And was planned to be killed
Even with no misdeed
Yet, their obsession was fed with devil’s greed
And to set him up, they agreed

If prophet Muhammad on his way
Preaching peace every day
Still, was wanted in decay
Just for warning them not to say,
Perpetrate evil nor betray

Then, as you plan, they hide
Ready to milk you dry
And see your success die
For you not to reach the sky
Verily, all they want is to hear you cry

But on that day of joy,
They shall hear the call
They will feel the inside boil
Their gossips will not even form a coil
And with ease, you shall stump their weakning wits like soil

So, continue your endeavor
Do not look at their behavior
You might sometimes be done for
But your redivivus will quake them nervous
And you shall cruise through to be the boss.