defianceWho can resolve the ageless quarrel
Between a south pole and her estranged twin?

When did this sudden attraction
Between Like charges begin?

How on earth did the hydrophobic portion of oil
Become fearless enough to mix with water?

We can watch the arrow
Break its cords of friendship with the bow
We might even allow the tongue and teeth
To go their separate ways
Without forgetting to render legal assistance needed
To officially divorce the key and its lock

A south pole can go ahead and lose
Its strong attraction for the North Pole
And the hair may pick a quarrel
With the head and walk away,
We all will simply sit back in our seats
And call it baldness

But if the brain becomes rebellious against the head
Ostracizing common sense from the cranial region
And demolishing natural pathways with a bulldozer
Fuelled by countless abominable acts
Such as homosexualism
Shouldn’t we call it madness?


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