Academic Team 2015 20150501_080418The suspended President of the Faculty of Education, Bashorun Mubarak, has expressed hope that the recent events that have surrounded his administration do not diminish the trust of educators in his leadership abilities. Speaking with NUESA Press over the weekend, Mubarak-who has been a subject of discourse in recent time-promised to make up for whatever loss time the suspension might engender.

Read excerpts of the interview below:

So, how does it feel to be in the current situation of things, sir?

All well and good, the deed has been done already. We just have to face the reality. I just hope that this won’t reduce the level of educators’ trust on (sic) me, as I’m so much still as focused as ever to serve them at my optimal. Also, I promised (sic) that I shall surely make it up to them.

Interesting! How true is it that the FLC Speaker claimed you did not behave like a good leader?

Definitely! If you can try and b investigative enough, you will get to know that he do labelled (sic) that on me, which I didn’t expect from him. However, we are all human, so I termed that as form of imperfection from man. I see that as past and as well not going to use that to relate with him henceforth because I know we are both working towards the development and standardization of NUESA.

Okay. How true are the reports that all is shaky between the FLC and CEC?

Lol….All is misunderstanding, misperception and misinterpretations of the constitutional functions of each arms. Let me take you back to the constitution in article7 section 2 sub section 2h which states that: the FLC shall decide on allocation to the house and send such decisions to the Executive for compliance.  Also, it’s that same constitution in Article 13 section 6 that also states that TO UPHOLD THE PRINCIPLE OF SEPERATION OF POWERS, TRANSPARENCY AND CHECKS AND BALANCES, THE FLC AND THE JC SHALL IN RESPECT TO FINANCE BE RESPONSIBLE TO THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL. THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL HOWEVER, SHALL IN ALL RESPECT BE ANSWERABLE TO THE FLC. So, I don’t think the CEC should be blamed by (sic) inviting the speaker to discuss on the FLC budget because I believe the CEC is in the best position to know the financial strength of the association and what it can cater for.

Hmmmm. So, can one say that the rumours of rancour are unfounded?

Maybe. Because I don’t believe our administration wouldn’t have opposition party. There are some stakeholders in the faculty that are somewhere planning for the downfall of this. But, I, Bashorun Mubarak Babajide Abisoye,  is (sic) so determined to be magnanimous with my victory and carried (sic) everybody in our administration and I hope my oppositions would be triumphant in defeat too. In all, we can all have a win-win situations (sic).

Hmmm. Stakeholders planning your downfall?

Not my downfall because  I’m a friend to everybody in the faculty but there is no how an organization, administration or a human being can be (sic) there will always be some people out there that won’t want the progress of the above mention. I used the word stakeholder because I believe every educator is a stakeholder.

Ok. What will be your first line of action after you must have served your suspension?

This suspension period will make me to meet up with my lectures to time, face my projects and same time follow up some pending NUESA activities outside school and after the suspension will continue with NUESA activities inside school because I need to fulfill my promises to the stakeholders(educators).

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