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Views: 38 BY OLAYIWOLA FAITH ADEDOLAPO   Outside is beautiful. Grazing beyond it makes one dirty and hopeless. She could not imagine a world better than the one she lived in. So, she tried not to. She immersed herself into a world of perfect timeliness and speed. One, whose existence makes for an avenue to live in one world and ...

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Views: 28 At one, he was backed by his Mother like a conventional African woman and not like Kangaroo, seemingly the latest trend moving around just like flu epidemic. At ten, Mother no more backed him; he now backed his bag to school. He ran to the school next-door hopping like a gay rabbit, his basket occupied by a water-bottle ...

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Views: 36 -: By Olayiwola Faith Adedolapo     The green garden was not green enough to attract woodpeckers. Everywhere smelt of sweat. Lady Raymond fanned herself earnestly with a round and handy material made of hay. She constantly tried to remove the pebbles that flew out of it as it danced in the air. Her blue long flowing gown ...

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Views: 36 -: By Olayiwola Faith Adedolapo They sat around the round wooden table while the sun behind the window turned yellow and blinded their eyes. The red glass vase laid at the centre of the table with dead flowers in it. The sour smell from the rotten flowers filled the whole room. ‘Throw that thing away Janet,’ Jude shouted ...

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Views: 40 -: By Olayiwola Faith Adedolapo yesterday, We rolled drums and sounds Marred spirits, minds and thoughts Still our fragile beings became lost   today, They marched in boots and guns Piercing skins, bones and lives Until their blood flowed as the river   tomorrow, You shall construct science and machines To sharpen brains, acts and result For what ...

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