Police is your friend. Because of their close relation, you have to compensate them by not bothering them too much about your security. If they find you worthy to be secured, you will surely get ‘the good’ security. It is not ironical that these ones who are the watchdogs of this big community are armed with sticks and eye-glasses on them. Sarcastically, the highest class of security are still those on brown.

Some days to resumption of first semester, the whole body of a female students was almost burgled along St.annes in the evening. This was not the first theft to be recorded in history, but it is a symbolic one which reads meaning to the ears of students. A resident of Independence Hall came to the aid of the student and she was rushed down to Jaja clinic. After every necessary treatment, the Chief security officer was questioned about the possible solution to the area of occurrence. The officer’s statement, “We will despatch security officers to that side because it is obvious that the place is dark and easy for such incidence to occur cheaply”. Till today, what has been done is to leave the place to entice and encourage more theft actions.

Everyone is silent as an obeisance to the suspension action of the Students’ Union. It is becoming obvious, the reason for the creation of the Students’ Union- as a mouthpiece of the students and mediators between students and the school management. But today, the reason for a reasonable establishment has been backlashed and turned to a state where anyone can come in and squander what his father has not planted. It is important to observe that after the security officers that have been employed by the management, the Students’ union is still the mouth that can speak openly for her people, but when the foundation be destroyed, what can the founders do?

Issues that are sensitive have happened which the ground has swallowed and are unheard by the school authority, or the authority has decided to let the drama roll on. Everyone has been moving in and out as if all has been well with the welfare of this citadel. This strong fortress of learning has sunk into disunity and her children are eating the crumbs of impunity and insecurity. When one out of the four walls of a building cracks, a little opening is enough for the lizard to become a nation- Imagine unspeakable being or animal culminating the abode of humans.

To every visitor and boarders, it was not a funny incidence when Obafemi Awolowo Hall was robbed. It left a puncture on the face of the Hall and every affected person will always not remember the day or the Hall for good but for the good evil that has been done to them on the fateful day. The security officer was bold enough, who couldn’t express her boldness against theft but could express the boldness of her weakness because of the limited arsenal she has. If Arsenal club has that kind of weapon against such little-armed-one-man-theft-action to appear like an opposition club, it would have gotten much more breaks from its years of losing. Unfortunately, instead of killing the lep, our eyes are suffering the torment.

Among many complaints of students, one question fathers them all. Some are questions which have not found a person or speaking animal to answer. Many students are of the idea that every student has been faced with one torment or the other ranging from loss of gadgets, books, domestic properties, self esteem, and confidence. Most importantly because of over consciousness, self insecurity, hearty-tongy promises of student politicians made some students to be ‘wise’ enough to lay their treasure down peaceful without a close watch, believing that there is a “close your door” who is never sleeping but always shout and walk around, checking on students and thinking about the safety of their properties. An important questions has therefore been left unanswered, which is a basis to judge the duty of the men at the tower, clothed with brown, spectacles and a rod that can’t kill an ant.


This is a question which only answers people in books, but has proven wrong of these set of people in action. The security men in University of Ibadan appear to a common man as men in kindergarten uniform, getting a primary  training of how to play with sands. If you check the question and analyse it well, it didn’t ask what the function of Abefeles ‘are’. Why? These ones have not taken the job of a security man as to secure, maybe because they are not secure in person. Some have only chosen to be roaming about, seeking whose food to devour without paying attention to any vomiting fly. The only time of activity of these infinito is when a student has been ordered out of the University or when they get the order to arrest a student from his Hall of residence. Peradventure this didn’t wrong their duty(ies), but what about the safety of students on campus?

At some particular occasions, security men are seen at the doorpost and it baffle the mind of a beholder that only one security officer has been appointed over the thousands in the hall. Obviously, it would be easy for the recurrence of titanic II and everyone including the security officer would be destroyed. What then about their presence? Just like the presence of a common man without any skill to secure the ground. It is funny when you see a security man trying to secure himself because of what he or she has carried. Imagine such dutiful person, browsing unsurreptitiously and trying to save his phone from been pickpockets or snatched away. Isn’t that a good function?

Along UI-gate, Ajibode, the security men have missed the priority. It was reported in some months ago that gate would be locked by 9:00pm, unfortunately, nobody knew about it. Obviously, the public relations unit of this delicate duty has to be checked. But everyone knows, police is your friend. But, a non-vocal friend. People are sent back any time to return to where they are coming from. Over the years, abuse have been rained on people for coming out late, thereby earning them disrespect. Countless of death of students have been reported outside the walls of the University which have not been deposited to the responsibility of the school authority, but a rationale for not allowing studets beyond 9:00pm at Ajibode gate has not been made clear. Security purpose reason cannot justify the stand of course, because the main gate remains open till 11:59pm. Studies found out that no pedestrian tries to pass the Ajibode route after  11pm. It may be said that the danger posed along this route cannot be conquered by terrestrial power, but what is the duty of a security man? To sleep and snore in the office? Before 9pm, some security men have already covered themselve with blanket to disappear into the pool of dreams.

Quoting Gandhi, “Service to the poor has been my heart’s desire, and it has always thrown me amongst the poor and enabled me to identify myself with them ”. A preacher may not gain any soul if he has made himself the only very special vessel among many. The understanding of the security men to act as persons who are secured make them to pay little attention to the endangered ones. In uniform, they have thought to be free from hooligans and the spirit of disturbance. This also gives them audacity to check car boots for presence of bombs without using any protective guard. One may think there is a permanent power under there trousers which they have been bowing to every morning. But they are such endangered species as the whole campus community is.

Security men have been chosen on the basis of training and their ability to protect the properties and lives of every living object within the fence of the University. Both people in black and the dominating ones in brown. Unfortunately, they have had a change of duty when a theft case is been reported and it becomes a route of escape for the said criminal. This is why Zikites choose punishing such persons as the best technique to reduce these uninvited guests. Over times, no one knows how free freedom will be for whoever has been taken away by the Abefeles. But in the red chambers, students are been sent away for just a little sin.


The function of the first aid box is to provide a first treatment or mild treatment to injury. The mistake that we make is leaving the skirt of our properties open to be raped by theft mongers. We should be able to deduce self-security from public security. As discussed above, many have been harmed because they have laid their treasure on the dusty hands of the less trained personnel. You can liken these ones as figure heads. Candidly, your property is yours. The only person that knows the place of your property is you. If your property get stolen, apart from the influence of the smart foolishness of the unarmed petty robber, you have advertised your teeth to a dangerous meat bone in a known or an unknown way. If you take the security woman at Obafemi Awolowo Hall as a weaker vessel than the feminine image, try and remember that it is your property, not hers. You have the latest protective key to your privacy but a general unlocking key might knock at anytime. Maybe that was why the security officer was knocked down into sleep.

In essence, your life is as important as a needle to a fashion designer. If a needle can be replaced, nobody can be like you. Every power to end each person’s life is in him and this has to be guided well. After the creation of the welfare board (if there will be), everyone is still the chief welfare checker of himself. The security officers work rigorously at night to make sure you’re safe when working around at night, they are not seeing what is going on in your room, your Hall’s defence minister also has his or her part to play. Afterall, guard yourself jealously and strictly. Nobody is your friend except you.

Let no one discount these observations because they are being written in sickbed- where we feel sick of events of rebel outside or inside. Because of our consciousness, we must not lose our patience in our dealings, but kindly bear with their (Abefele) weakness and do not give up in protecting yourself and your friend.

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