The spirit of perseverance

By Osarennoma Ogbeide

Sometimes we start off work with a sudden boost of energy and vibes. The unfortunate thing however is that it seems to last for only a while. Imagine being so determined to start a new workout routine and then the next week you can’t even remember which day you stopped. Now this goes beyond simple things, our goals and dreams require more dedication than we imagine before commencing them.

The journey to achieving these goals maybe littered with road blocks and obstacles that we didn’t account for. It would seem like the more we tried to be intentional about our success, the more the wave of discouragement causes us to sink. We begin to over think things and then thoughts of failure seep into our faculties. Eventually, our fear becomes a reality.

One thing you need to do is to carefully outline your purpose and the purpose of the things you want to do, equate it to what you aim to achieve. A unique plan never comes easy and so it requires certain levels of commitment and sacrifice. If we are not familiar with burning the midnight candle, now is the time to come to terms with it. There’s no need to beat about the bush, you will lose sleep, you will have to hold off on some pleasures, you might even lose friends as well; those who can’t keep up you’re your vision.

It is at the point of giving up that you’d be hoping and praying that people will give you reasons to keep going, or you’d be waiting for friends to push you back on track. What happens when you don’t get all those? You have to be your greatest motivation! That is the point where you go back to your purpose statement and remind yourself why you started on that journey in the first place. If you need to write them out and put it up, then do so. Constantly assure yourself that no matter how hard the process is, you didn’t come this far to just get that far. You might be lacking support from the people you hold dear to your heart or be unable to reach your expected target but that should not stop you.

Shun all forms of discouragement and keep moving forward. Push through the waters despite the turbulent waves and you’d see that when you get to the shore, everyone was there cheering and awaiting your success…that’s where they had always been.

When you emerge as a conqueror, strong and victorious; it is then that everyone suddenly wants to associate with you. From the standpoint of victory, you look back and try to imagine the picture if you had given up because of setbacks and inability to see the bigger picture. The only thing you’d be able to say to yourself then would be “thank you for not giving up”.


By Osarennoma Ogbeide

To start from from Paula Rollo’s quote, “contentment does not mean that I desire nothing but rather, it’s the simple decision to be happy with what I have”. Being truly content births happiness. Contentment is you realizing that you’re thankful for what you have at the moment and patient for what’s to come. Life has its way of making us compare ourselves with others. This singular but risky move causes us to look at who we are and what we have as not enough.

Comparison is like a seed of ignorance that grows into a big tree of covetousness, with possible stems and leaves of low self-esteem, depression, jealousy amongst others. Why spend your time fending after a tree that will only yield rotten produce?  Why you don’t you rather invest in your own happiness through contentment? Here is how.

Ward away toxic thoughts. If most of your time is spent of unfruitful thoughts, then you need to let it go. It is said that the mind is very key in determining out trajectory and that our thoughts make us what we are. Enough of all those thoughts that only make you beat yourself up, it’s time to renew and renovate your mind.

Stop comparisons! This only leaves you feeling less of a person and reduces your self-adequacy. Yes, others have made their mark in life but they didn’t get there by comparing themselves with others. Even though others could challenge you to be better, don’t strive to be better than another person, that’s a wrong motive. Instead, strive to be better than you were yesterday, that’s growth.

Be happy. There are many reasons to be happy. Remember what you have and how far you’ve come, be happy about those things and don’t dwell on the things that you are yet to achieve. Just be happy about you! Every other thing will follow suit in due time, so patience is key.

Sometimes what we thought we needed the most is not what’s best for us. Contentment then stems from the feeling of realizing that you’re perfectly satisfied and happy without the things you thought you needed the most. So, delight in yourself and have the standpoint of gratitude.

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