By Pelumi King            

Welcome to another episode of the horror series. On the last episode, we dabbled into the matter of The Conjuring and Insidious, movies based on paranormal activities. If you have not watched the movie, now is the time to. Annabelle and Chucky is the topic in today’s series, which is scarier?

The major similarity between these two horror movies is that they both make use of dolls as their main character. Annabelle is a doll which is controlled by a very powerful demon while Chucky is a psychopathic doll. A psychopathic doll who has the uncanny ability to reason on its own, he also the ability to kill human beings.


Annabelle is a demonic doll. What makes it demonic is that it is controlled by a very powerful dark demon. Although it has appeared in The Conjuring movies, it has three movies of its own; Annabelle 2014, Annabelle: Creation 2017 and Annabelle comes home 2019. These movies talk about real life paranormal activities. In Anabelle 2014, which is a kind of prequel to Annabelle: Creation talked about how the demon controlling the doll haunted a particular family in order to take the soul of one them. The primary target was the soul of the child but since the family were not willing to give the soul of the child to him. He tormented them by taking the child in order to take at least one other soul. A bookstore seller gave her soul in place of the child’s soul in order for them to see their child again. 

In Annabelle: creation, it talked about the origin of Annabelle; how the demon controlling Annabelle was able to find its way to the world. Annabelle returns home is on a whole different level as it shows just how powerful Annabelle is. In Annabelle returns home, we were able to see how the demon controlling Annabelle was able to control all other demonic objects and instruments in the Warrens artefact room otherwise known as the Warren’s occult museum.


Chucky is a doll used in many horror movies like Child’s Play 2019, Cult of Chucky 2017, Child Play 1998, Child’s Play 2 1990 Bride of Chucky 1998, Seed of Chucky 2004, Curse of Chucky 2013. The doll ‘chucky’ is a psychopathic killer doll. He most times uses a knife to kill his victims. In Child’s play 2019, he is seen as a doll who has violent tendencies. He wreaks havoc on anyone he hates and anyone who wants to take him away from his best friend, Andy. He also kills anyone who offends Andy and who Andy does not like. What makes Chucky horrific is his uncanny ability to kill people. He is an intelligent psychopathic killer doll. He is not controlled by everybody instead he controls other dolls as seen not only in Child’s play but also in the Cult of Chucky 2017. Chucky is a horror movie that will definitely thrill you. It is filled with so many horrors and blood.

Annabelle and Chucky though both dolls, talk about two different things. While Annabelle talks about true life paranormal activities while Chucky talks about what might happen if there is a killer doll in the world. Annabelle and Chucky are both very scary looking dolls. It will definitely be hard to pick which is scarier.

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