By Oladeji Popoola

The talk of the day has continued to be the same. On the internet and on the streets, people are saying something. And the old perpetrators of this infernal act christened ‘Rape’ must have joined the masses to seek justice for Uwa, Barakat and others.

The issues of rape and molestation now seem to bring to the mind, hastily, a particular country called Nigeria. Won’t it be ridiculous to say that it is only in Nigeria this abnormal act prevails? However, here in Nigeria, sexual assaults seem to have gain breathing spaces on the spacious terrace of our country that has too many challenges standing up against in the day and at Night. Of course much has been said and written on this perennial act (Rape) claiming lives and leaving its victims with trauma, and scars that bleed when such memories return to the mind.

The occurrence and reoccurrence of rape and molestation should remind us many things need to be put right, urgently. I have this conviction, and strongly, I believe Nigeria can rein in the issues of rape and molestation, but I think people going on internet, to shout and wail and even staging hundreds of protest as they continue to be de rigueur will continue to prove futile.

However, I believe the better way, to let these hellish acts (rape and molestation) taper off should start from all of us. Today and everyday, let us educate and re-educate our family, children, relatives, friend, workers, students, and everyone on whys rape and molestation are wrong. Tell your listeners convincingly reasons they should not attempt it. Tell him or her what the law says about rape too so that the learned and unlearned can equally learn.

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